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Orb Tales _ The Tenth Story _ Jade Little Man

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I don't know who the fox was before. He was so similar to the fox that he was almost impeccable from his appearance to his tone of voice to his way of speaking. It was as if he had not recovered his original shape and talked to me for a moment. His tone of voice was exactly the same as that of the usual fox, except for his eyes. Those eyes are not right. People say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, your emotions, even more subtle emotions, sometimes do not necessarily show on your face, but often flash fleetingly in the eyes. Although sometimes it can disguise, can deliberately, can play. In any case, a person's eyes represent a person's characteristics, because no matter how deliberately disguised, it is unique, which is why sometimes even if the face is covered, we can still recognize who the other person is from the eyes, that is the secret of the eyes. In many cases, the eyes are as irreplaceable as fingerprints and DNA. Therefore, when the things revealed in a person's eyes become completely strange, so strange that it is like changing a person, then you can not but be vigilant. Just like the “fox” just now. It's really hard to imagine what kind of person could imitate the fox so closely, as if he had been breathing and living with him since he was born. If it wasn't for those eyes, I was almost sure that he was the fox himself. Until I saw his eyes. In his eyes, which looked exactly like the fox's, lived another man, who was as coquettish as the fox, but far more fierce than the fox, even though he spoke to me with a fox smile, sly and gentle. Just at the first sight, I felt that my blood was frozen all over my body, and I couldn't control the expression on my face. Those eyes are like a pair of black wings open in the depths of darkness,Gear Reduction Motor, silent, almost imperceptible, but oppressing you at the closest distance. And it wasn't until I saw something else that confirmed my feelings. That's a fox's tail. Living with the fox for so many years, watching him wagging his tail around me every day, that tail is the only defect that he can't change, at least in my eyes, as a fox spirit. And where is the tail of this “fox” this time? A fox with a tail is definitely not a fox. When I touched it backwards, I felt something cold, rough, protruding and sharp, blocking my way back. I thought it might be something like a ceiling falling from above. I hesitated for a few seconds. Suddenly I heard a light and suspicious sound behind me. I climbed up at once. The sound rang faintly again. My legs broke a layer of skin on the sharp protuberance of the thing. The pain seemed to stimulate people's ability to move, and in less than three or two strokes, he climbed to the thing as fast as he could. This thing is about two meters high, within reach of a lot of broken stones piled on it, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, accidentally kicked a piece from the top fell, suddenly asked for a crisp sound, in the original quiet as the grave of the empty question fell out of a series of frightening sounds. Followed by a sound of footsteps, suddenly asked from the place where I was standing, three steps, two steps, very “Shaanxi” moved to the stone pile. My heart can't help tightening. Without thinking about it, I immediately began to continue to climb forward. How many obstacles still existed in front of me were no longer within the scope of my worries. The only thing I was afraid of was what I should do at that time if I stayed and climbed to the end, only to find that there was only a wall. It's so dark around, I have no sense of direction at all. In a hurry, there was a gentle climbing sound, and the man climbed up quickly with more flexible movements than I did, which made my temples jump suddenly. Who could this be? It's a fake fox. , or Meilan who cheated the corpse. My mind was spinning like a windmill, my hands and feet never stopped, and I rolled and crawled forward in the pile of stones. I accidentally bumped into the protruding stone in front of me, and my tears rolled out in pain. I didn't dare to make a sound, and I didn't dare to stop. As long as there was room in the place where I could reach, I would climb forward vigorously. And the man was getting faster and faster, following me like a shadow, like an agile lizard. The sound of the stones around me, which I inevitably kicked, was undoubtedly the best pathfinder for the pursuer, so I simply let go of my hands and feet to make a louder sound, so that the noise of the empty echoes could confuse the man. It was not until my hand was in front of me that I found myself climbing to the end of the big stone pile. Fortunately, the end is not a wall, judging from the air flow, it should be a relatively empty space. Realizing this, I was about to find a way to climb down, and the figure behind me was getting closer and closer, which made me suddenly have a flash of thought in my mind. Then I grabbed a stone and moved it to the side, throwing it hard into the empty space in front of me. When the stone fell to the ground, there was a crackling sound, just like the sound I had made when I moved before. At the same time, the tracker behind him immediately crawled in this direction, so fast that he probably did not use his hands to find out whether there was a stone or nothing in front of him. So after a cold wind passed by me with some small climbing sounds, I heard a low hum, followed by a heavy muffled sound under the stone pile. As I wished, the man who was in a hurry to catch up with me followed the sound too fast to notice that there was nothing in front of him, so at the moment of passing me, he fell off the stone pile unprepared. But I don't know what the situation is, this place is not high, just about two meters. I lay on the stone and waited for a moment according to the rapid heartbeat. Never heard any more noise, a little calm, so calm down the next breath,Micro Gear Motor, I carefully reached down to explore, and then stepped down. But just as my toes touched the rocks below, a hand suddenly grabbed my ankle!. ichgearmotor.com


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