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An Organ-on-aChip, also known as anorgan-on-board, is a fully mobile multi-chambered 3-dimensionalmicrofluidic tissue chip that mimics the internal processes, motions,and biological response of almost all organ systems and whole organs,a kind of living artificial organ. It constitutes the subject matterof major ongoing biomedical research, more especially in bio-MRI. 

It has also been used to studydifferent pathological and medical diseases like cancer, inflammatorydiseases, autoimmune diseases, sepsis, trauma, neurologicaldisorders, rheumatoid arthritis, herpes, genital herpes, leukemia,and many others.

Organ-on-aChipis considered to be a tissue microcosm of the human body; it is theminiature version of a mouse or a rat brain and can be compared to amini-brain. Its main function is as a template for generating livingcells, but it can also be used as a drug screening and pre-cancerstaging system. It is considered that once such a device is built andoperational, it can replace thousands of manual incubators andsyringes and allow for tissue culture technologies up to severalhundred liters/day. Thus this technology may revolutionize drugdevelopment, fertility treatments, cellular technology, and otherareas of medical research and practice.

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