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Let’s face it. There are plenty of reasons you decided to pursue this amazing career: Controlling your own schedule, owning the creativity of your work, escaping the 9-to-5. While others head to the office on Monday morning, you’ll be enjoying your weekend.

After graduating from cosmetology school and getting a little experience, you have to decide how to set up your online hair salon booking.

You can avoid a few basic mistakes with just a few simple tips. These tricks can save you time and energy, so you can continue on the career path of your dreams. You’ll be able to enjoy a schedule that you built to fit your and your clients’ needs.

Leave a Cushion Before and After Appointments

This scheduling tip can be a lifesaver for your day-to-day services. At first, it makes sense to put appointments next to each other.

However, setting up your salon scheduling app to leave a 15-to-20-minute gap on either side of an appointment is a good idea, especially for new hair stylists.

Before hair appointments, a little gap can help you clean up and sanitize stations, grab a little snack, or take a bathroom break. It can even accommodate clients who are running late—though it’s still a good idea to cancel appointments if your client’s a no-show after this little bit of time.

Plus, if your services include “processing time”—a space in an appointment where you can book another client at the same time—you can easily build that time in as well.

It’s your schedule. You get to call the shots!

Prioritize the Best Times for Your Clients

Now, to the big picture. You want to create a regular schedule that fits your clients’ needs. Regular, predictable availability is what a lot of people look for in their hair stylists. You’re a dependable person: A stylist and friend all in one.

Your clients want to know when they can get a haircut on their time. This means building a schedule that gives your clients the best opportunity to get an appointment slot that fits their busy lives.

Many stylists move their weekends to Sunday and Monday or even all the way to Tuesday. (You still deserve a break!) Most people work Monday through Friday, making it tough to make time for a haircut. Opening yourself up on weekends, mornings, and evenings can draw new clients who need this more flexible availability.

Give Yourself a Break Now and Then

As an independent hair stylist or booth renter, you have something special. You get to control your calendar. No sending PTO or sick day requests or having to work through what was supposed to be a vacation. Now, you can block off some Me Time whenever you need it.

Many business scheduling apps are equipped to help you with time features that allow you to block off specific dates and times or change your availability for a vacation or weekend off.

Save Time with a Scheduling App Made for Hair Stylists

A paper calendar and a pen might work for one or two clients, but with how good you are, it won’t be a small operation for long. Thankfully, an app for scheduling appointments can do the hard work for you.

Great apps make it easy to set up your availability and even easier for your clients to book a spot. The best apps have built-in marketing and payment features to really connect with your audience and turn first-time clients into loyal fans.

With total control of your professional schedule, you can create a work-life balance you never thought was possible. It’s a win-win: Your clients are happy with your availability and easy booking process, and you’re happy that you can take time off to finally go on that trip. Follow these booking tips and experience what it’s like to fall in love with your schedule.

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