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Ji Hongwei had never walked with a man, and when she saw someone coming, she just walked with her head down, not daring to walk with Lu Han again. Talk to Fei. The distance between the two sides gradually approached, and it turned out that it was only an old man in his fifties, with a slightly bent back and a bit of food when walking. Force. But when he approached the two men, he suddenly stopped and looked at Lu Hanfei. Originally, Lu Hanfei did not pay attention to the old man because he was just an ordinary woodcutter and saw that he did not look like a man who knew martial arts. As soon as he saw the old man stop and look at him, he was so suspicious that he could not help looking at the old woodcutter. The old woodcutter glanced at Lu Hanfei and asked with a smile, “Is this husband better than Lu?” When Lu Hanfei heard this, he folded his fists and said, “How did Laozhang know my surname was Lu?” The old woodcutter added, “Is your name Hanfei?” Lu Hanfei was very suspicious. He frowned and said, “I am Lu Hanfei.” The old woodcutter didn't seem to believe it. “So Xianggong is from Nanyue?” He asked. Lu Hanfei knew that many people in the martial arts world had met many people along the way in order to track down the treasures of the white-clothed swordsmen. They all asked each other in general, and their hearts were filled with anger. “Yes,” they said coldly, “I am Lu Hanfei, the disciple of Nanyue.” The old woodcutter laughed and said to himself, “That can't be wrong.” “What's the matter, old girl?” Lu Hanfei asked impatiently. The old woodcutter heaved a sigh of relief and said with a happy look on his face, “The old man has finally waited for his husband.” Ji Hongwei stood aside,304 Stainless Steel Coil, watching the old woodcutter chatter for a long time, but before he could say anything, he could not help saying: “Laozhang, if you have something to say, why are you so hesitant?” The old woodcutter urged Ji Hongwei as if he had never heard of it. He still looked at Lu Hanfei and said, “So Xianggong just came down from Shicheng Peak?” Did you come? Lu Hanfei can not help but be stunned, he came down from Shicheng Peak, how can he know? Thought in the heart,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, have not opened the mouth! Ji Hongwei said, “We asked you, but you didn't answer a word. You asked in such detail.” The old woodcutter glared at her and said, “The old man has been asked to ask more questions.” When Lu Hanfei heard him say that he had been entrusted by someone, he was even more suspicious. “Who entrusted him?” He asked hurriedly? I'm looking for Down? The old woodcutter said, “The old man has received three taels of silver and is waiting here for his husband. Today is the third day.” He talked for a long time, but he still didn't get a clue. Lu Hanfei simply looked and said no more. Sure enough, the old woodcutter, because no one answered, continued, “The old man has been staying here for the past three days, waiting for his husband.” He was entrusted by the old man, and the man told the old man again and again that he had to see a man dressed like Xianggong and interrogate him clearly. To say it. Lu Hanfei listens to him to say solemnly, dare feeling to have important matter really? But then I thought that I was seriously injured at that time and was Wen Ruyu. Carry all the way to run, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, the original is to avoid the pursuit of people, there is no certain goal, was later carried by the black ape Shicheng Peak, can only say It's a coincidence. How could anyone know? Isn't it strange that the old woodcutter was asked to wait here for three days? Ji Hongwei said, “Now you've made it clear. If you have something to say, say it quickly. You're so hesitant. You're really worried to death!” The old woodcutter said, “The man has a letter for the old man to give to Xianggong personally.” “Letters?”? Lu Han flew over and heard more and more strange, how could the man know that he had come down from Shicheng Peak? But he begged to be waited here, Leave a letter? “Will the old man lie to you when he is entrusted by others?” Trembling, the old woodcutter reached into his bosom and took out a letter. He handed it to Lu Hanfei and said, “The man told me again and again.” The old man handed it to Xianggong with his own hands. Xianggong looked at the envelope. Was he ever wrong? Lu Hanfei took the letter, looked down, and saw that the envelope said: Face to face Lu Hanfei's prime minister was personally demolished. Inside details Lu Hanfei was surprised to see that the letter was indeed for himself, and he did not know who the person who left the letter was? “Is this letter for you?” Asked Ji Hongwei curiously. Lu Hanfei nodded and was about to open the envelope. The old woodcutter suddenly stretched out his hand and said, “Wait a minute, sir.” Lu Hanfei looked up and said, “What's the matter?” The old woodcutter said, “The man told the old man to tell Xianggong that he had to leave here before he could open the letter.” “Strange,” said Ji Hongwei, “where can I open a letter? Where can't you tear it down? “What is that for?” Asked Lu Hanfei. The old woodcutter shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don't know about this old man. The old man just told his husband what he said.” As soon as the words are finished. He turned and walked away. Lu Hanfei was holding a letter card in his hand, and for a moment he really didn't know whether it was a good one? Or don't open it? “Laozhang, please stay,” he hurriedly shouted. Step. The old woodcutter turned his head and said, “The old man has told Xianggong what he wants to say.” “I don't know who gave it to Laozhang,” said Lu Hanfei. The old woodcutter laughed and said, “Your husband's friend, of course.” “I'm asking Laozhang,” said Lu Hanfei. “What kind of man is this?” “Are you questioning me now?” The old woodcutter asked impatiently? People are always like people, can they still be ghosts? Later, you see. After the letter, do not understand? The old man doesn't have time to talk to you. He walked away as he spoke. When Ji Hongwei waited for the old woodcutter to walk away, she slanted her head and said, “He's gone away. Now you can open it and have a look.” In order to be prudent, Lu Hanfei shook his head and said, “Since this man told me to leave here and then tear it down, maybe there's another reason, so we'll leave.” Open it here and then open it. Ji Hongwei giggled and said, “You're really honest. He wants you to tear it down after ten years. Will you wait for ten years?” Lu Hanfei and the others said, “If you want to leave here, you just need to go a little further.” Ji Hongwei said, “I think the person who wrote this letter must know your temper. If it were me, I would have opened it long ago.” “” As they talked and walked, they quickened their pace, and for a while, they were already out of the foot of the mountain. Ji Hongwei couldn't help saying, “Hey,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, you can open it now.” Lu Hanfei thought to himself: You are more anxious than I am! At that moment, he opened the envelope and pulled out the letter paper, only to see that it said:. sxthsteel.com



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