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Double-breasted white Chef coats were first found in the 1822 French Chef Marie-Antoine Carême’s portrayal of the ideal Chef’s uniform, intended to create an aura of professionalism and honor for the profession. Although Chef Carême created this Chef uniform in 1822, it was not in vogue until the year 1878, when a company started mass producing it and made it available for others as well. This uniform was later standardized by Georges Auguste Escoffier. The double-breasted design was intended as a reversible flap on the jacket, so that if Chef coats got stained or soiled, they could turn the front panel over and cover it up. To this day, this same double breasted Chef Coat design is being used by chefs around the world.

While these days men’s and women’s chef coats come in varying styles and colors, most chefs still prefer the traditional style of the white Chef coat, and use it to honor tradition and their profession. Both women’s and men’s chef coats are made from a 100% cotton fabric, which is fire and heat resistant in order to protect the wearer. They come in either short or long sleeves, and the longer sleeve works as added protection for the arms from burns and similar accidents.

The longer than usual sleeves on some Chef coats work as oven mitts, and chefs grab the end of the sleeve to take hot dishes out of the oven, so the Chef coat is a multi-purpose uniform. The design of the Chef coat suits both men and women, and there are no differences ins tyle for men’s and women’s chef coats. They all provide the same level of professionalism and elegance and honor to the Chef.

Chef coats and the overall uniform is an important aspect of any kitchen team, giving them pride in their work. It also helps increase productivity by making the wearer more comfortable and thereby more efficient.


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