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Orthopedic Surgeon Mohammad Alshouli: Getting Treated For Foot Injuries

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One of the most popular injury cases that tend to occur each year is foot and ankle injuries from all kinds of people. Orthopedics come across a number of various injuries related to the foot and ankle where some of them can go from minor sprains to chronic foot diseases that have yet to be cured.

Since we are so dependent on our feet to go about doing any activities in our daily lives, we must learn how to better manage our health and give our injuries the proper treatment it needs.

Visiting a Doctor

Sometimes an injury can only hurt for a short while and then eventually heal over time. However, if you feel like your feet and ankle injury are getting worse by the hour, you might need to quickly get some medical attention for it. Similarly, this can also happen to people who are diabetic – if their injury has an exposed wound, it is likely to develop an infection and no longer heals unless given the proper medication for it.

Identifying the Crisis

Usually, upon diagnosis, a professional caretaker will give you the proper medication and cooling pads that can take care of your injury. But there might also be some types of injuries that will require you to take on physical therapy.

Certain exercises and basic joint movements will be the key to improving your healing speed and getting your regular foot movement back on track while simultaneously enhancing your muscle strength and increasing the range of joint motion.

There are still many ways we can learn to make use of different treatments to increase the healing process and find the solutions for chronic foot and ankle injuries. Fortunately, we already have experts on the job who are relentlessly working hard to find better treatments that will be more effective in bringing about positive medical results than from what we are witnessing today.

As a renowned orthopedics surgeon, educator, and inventor, Mohammad Towfeek Alshouli is one of the few individuals in the medical industry who holds vast information about foot and ankle trauma injuries and is working on many diverse ways to counter the situation by bringing about innovative progress to the medical industry.

Ever since he joined the professional industry, he has been known for his work in reconstructing complicated foot and ankle trauma cases. Over time, he has gained experience in providing proper treatment for these injuries, including sports and arthroplasty disorders. 

Some of his valuable work roles include being the Program Director of the Orthopedic Residency Training Program in SCFHS and the Head of Accreditation and Privileges Committee. Moreover, he also served as the Director of Medical Students Clinical Activity at Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital before rising to the position of Chairman of the Orthopedic Department.

Alshouli also served as the Assistant Consultant at King Khalid University Hospital, where he established the diabetic foot multi-disciplinary team to treat diabetic foot in National Care Hospital and Saudi German hospital. Alshouli is also a visiting professor and clinical instructor at Imam Bin Saud University, College of Medicine.


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