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The problem here is no amount of rest or sleep will take one CoronaVirus Survivor Plan Review  out of the tiredness that engulfed him. Therefore, to fight the fatigue, one need to do something that can divert his attention from its effects even if it is only for a few moments. Listening to a slow pace music is one of the way to achieve this goal. By immersed oneself to his favorite tunes, he will at least temporarily forget that he has this illness.

Start by listening to the music while lying or sitting on the couch or bed and then proceed with snapping of your fingers as well as gentle movement of the arms and legs. Classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven would make great music material here. The ever relaxing musical tones could drive one to feel a sense of inner peace and free from any stress. As time goes by, you can even dance to the musical tunes but make sure you do it gradually.

Do you remember the stuff that they taught you on those motivation and leadership courses. Could you still the recall the material on setting goal. Setting realistic goal daily can make you better cope and live with the disease. By realistic, we mean that you set goal that is achievable with your condition and limitations. When you accomplish your daily goal, stay with it for next few days. Then, only when you feel that you are ready and up for it, you can proceed with some additional one.

And when you reach those goal, you can celebrate your success in achieving it. Even though the goal you set might be simple for people who are not suffering from the disease, it is indeed a big deal for a CFS sufferers to successfully attain it. The act of celebration creates a good feeling on yourself and when you feel good about yourself, you would feel that fatigue has abandoned you.



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