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1. Best Overall – Osprey Global Tactical 4-16X50 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Mil Dot Glass Reticle

The TACTICAL 4-16X50 MDG from Osprey scope is surprising for its precision and is produced using Hoya glass, which is covered with various layers of safe materials.

The exquisite dark matte completion gives it to it a refined look which joined with the multi light component, makes this Osprey scope a phenomenal worth thing.

The amplification is another trademark that we preferred on the grounds that when it is utilized in long-range acts in a remarkable way.

At last, we feel that it would worth focusing on the reticle, which makes this scope a model that is totally particular for individuals that like quality optics.


Length: 13.82 in.

Weight: 23.4 oz.

Cylinder width: 30 mm

Objective: 50mm

Eye Relief: 5.9″-3.14″

MOA: 1/8″

Amplification: 4-1


Finish Color: Matte dark

Battery Type: CR2032

Light: Blue, red, green

Reticle: Mildot/rangefinder

2. Least expensive Pick – Osprey Global Scopes 725 Compact 3-9X42 with Rangfinder Reticle

This scope can be utilized for close and long-range, keeping its eye help and elite unblemished. Additionally, the item is viable with any rifle that has a picatinny rail on it.

The lightweight and smaller size guarantee you that your objective will be gained ideal, and the successful brightening will provide you with a reasonable perspective on the goal.

Dampness isn't an issue, on the grounds that the exceptional development materials are against frog and waterproof.

A few Low authorization authorities have commented the great worth of the scope putting accentuation on its nature.


Target measurement: 42 mm

Cylinder Diameter: 30 mm

Amplification: 3-9

Eye Relief: 4.91″-8.85″

Length: 8.87 in.

MOA: 1/2

Battery: CR2032 (1)


Water Proof

Haze Proof

Shock Proof

Enlightened Mil-Dot

Residue Covers and Ring Mounts Included

Reach Finding Glass Reticle

Lifetime Warranty

Finish tone: Matte Black

3. Best Quality – Osprey Global Elite Series 4-16×56 Mil Dot Glass Etched Lit Reticle

Hoya glass is likewise present in the creation of this scope, and truly the scope isn't not difficult to survey, on the grounds that past that this thing has the longest eye alleviation of the whole Osprey of this sort, the item is very like different models.

Something worth being thankful for is the incorporation of the residue covers and rings in the bundle, and that the standard nature of the items made by Osprey is likewise present.

The item is waterproof and antifog, which is critical to secure the pieces of these sorts of things.

The battery is the typical CR2032 that the Ospreys scopes use.


Length: 12.6 in.

Weight: 27.2 oz.

Cylinder measurement: 30 mm

Objective: 50mm

Eye Relief: 3.66″-3.35″

MOA: 1/4″

Amplification: 4-16


Finish Color: Matte dark

Battery Type: CR2032

Rise/Windage Adjustment: 35″

Parallax (yards): 10yds

Reticle Image Plane: Mil line

Which Types of Scopes Exist Today?

Generally scopes are arranged by their goal width, and furthermore by their degree of optical amplification. The width of the goal is straightforwardly identified with leave understudy, and the capacity of greater focal points to catch a greater measure of light outcomes in more splendid pictures.

There are 2 sorts of amplification; fixed and variable amplification. In the first, as its name infers, the amplification can't be changed, and its determination should be finished in regards to the utilization that the individual needs to provide for the scope. In factor amplification, the things accompanies a zoom ability that can be figured out how to accomplish its ideal degree. The upside of the utilization of variable amplification scopes is that the client can arrangement the boundaries as per the current outside conditions or prerequisites, similar to radiance, genuine reach or the particular objective.

Osprey Scopes Reticles

To comprehend the various sorts of reticles that Osprey scopes show is a smart thought to find out with regards to the actual reticle.

The wide range of reticles is wide, and you can discover from the conventional line of sight to more complex, which are thought to assist the shooter with computing accurately the distance to an objective, and furthermore to make up for the projectile drop, and the windage needed because of the crosswinds.

Reaches can be assessed precisely for realized objective sizes through proportionality computations.

The principle sorts of reticles are:

Carved reticles

Wire reticles

The most seasoned sorts of reticles are the wire ones and regularly were worked from string or metal wire.

They are mounted in the sight container of the scope in the ideal optic position.

Scratched reticles are plans of a favored reticle format with pictures that establish a joined piece of the optics chain of the sight that is carved on the focal point of the scope.

After the plan and creation of the design, the focal point with this scratched reticle is mounted in the sight to accomplish the estimation include that is required in scopes sights

Last Thoughts On The Best Osprey Scopes

Osprey optic items are of exceptional quality, and the materials utilized in its items are first rate.

Great worth is the best word that you could use to portray them, and typically purchasers have next to no bad things to say about the Company's items.

In this article we just showed just a restricted measure of them, and on the off chance that you research profoundly, you will discover more things that merit examining.

We trust that we have been useful in the quest for the best Osprey scope!


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