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I also want to stand up, I also want to be like Gao Fan, or several other people, keep walking back and forth, around the circle. I want to, but I can't. I know what the reason is. I'm so nervous. Not only are I nervous, but every organ in my body. Every bone, every muscle, every cell is tense, I want to stand up, but the tense legs simply can not support my little movement, let alone stand up and walk. I can't even breathe. I can't even change my mind. So, at this time, everything, I can only ask Lin Yu. However, as a woman, her strength was not strong enough, and after only a few steps, she fell to the ground with me under the drag of my stiff body. Ah, are you all right? Our fall drew a series of exclamations. More people have quickly helped us up. What's wrong Gao Fan frowned and asked, at this time, his heart must not be more relaxed than me, but he is a man, so the pressure he can bear is much heavier than me. Be careful. I'm too nervous. I'm afraid she'll faint. Lin Yu answered quickly, not only to Gao Fan, but also to others. I'm going to let her walk and take a few deep breaths, or I'm afraid she's so nervous that she forgets to beat her heart. I turned to look at her, feeling a little dissatisfied, where am I so serious? The heart forgets to beat, how is it possible, just because of nervousness? She is simply exaggerating. But what surprised and displeased me even more was that everyone believed it. I'll take her outside for a walk. After listening to Lin Yu's words, Ji Hongyu dragged me out directly. That action can almost be described as rude. Well, although he was very careful to hold my waist with his other hand, I still thought he was rude, because he completely violated my intention. I didn't want to leave, and I didn't want to go out for a walk. I don't want it. I'm not going outside. I resisted loudly, but the next second, my mouth was sealed by him. I looked at the other people on the side, I hope who can help me, but no one moved, no one is willing to help me, but with a kind of trouble you look at Ji Hongyu, even my parents. Careful. The surgery won't be over so soon. Almost with a roar, Ji Hongyu laughed at me and shouted. I know Standing in the garden of the hospital, I whispered, still staring in the direction of the operating room, still thinking of the man in the operating room, but perhaps because of his rudeness or something else along the way, my nervousness finally eased a little. So I said, “I'm not so nervous now. I'm much better. I think I can go back.” “Be careful, his operation will not be over soon.” Ji Hongyu sighed and then said again. I looked at him in puzzlement. He had just said it, Narrow aisle rack , and I had said it, too. I knew it. Why did he say it again? I mean, his surgery won't be over so soon. You don't have to go back so soon. “I know, but I have to wait for him.” “Be careful, you know, you can't help much if you go.” He sighed again. I know, but, I want to accompany him, although he can not see, can not hear, but, I know, he can feel, even if he is anesthetized, even if he is unconscious, he must be able to feel that I am with him. If I leave, he will be sad, disappointed and sad. Because I promised him I would wait for him. I'll be waiting for him. Although it was said to him, when I thought that my departure might make Gao Tian sad and disappointed, my heart began to tangle, and I could no longer care about anything else, trying to break away from Ji Hongyu's hand. However, his hands are too strong, and my strength is so small. I can't break free. So, my tears flow down again, because I seem to feel the sadness of the sky, the disappointment of the sky, the sadness of the sky. I was so afraid that he didn't let me wait for him anymore. He was so worried that he didn't want to go out of the door. Let it go. Please. You.. Alas! Forget it. “Ji Hongyu always let go, I ran to the direction of the operating room at the fastest speed, although the pace was staggering, but the goal was so firm.” Careful. You don't have to worry too much. He'll be all right. Ji Hongyu followed me, shouting anxiously, leading all the people along the way to look askance. Speaking of, today, he is because Ji Hongyan also wants the operation at the same time, therefore, he only then comes. However, in the end, it is always with me, if Ji Hongyan knows, I am afraid it will be counted on my head again. Thank you. I'm sure he'll be fine. Although my speed is not slow at all. But what he said made me happy. So. I actually smiled, though he couldn't see it. Careful. I'm sorry “Huh?” I was stunned and my feet slowed down a little. I really didn't expect him to say this in such a place at this time. Is he sorry for me? I thought about it, as if he had never done anything wrong to me, but more, he took good care of me. It's really.. “Be careful, hurry up, something's wrong.” Before Ji Hongyu could say anything, he was interrupted by Lin Yu's sudden loud cry. What's the matter? When I heard her say that something had happened to me, I felt a sudden shock in my heart and my legs were weak, and I was about to fall to the ground. There are thousands of possibilities in my heart in an instant, each of which is the worst ending, each of which is the last possibility I want. Ji Hongyu held me from behind in time, so that I could support myself and not fall to the ground. However, my nervous mood has not been relieved at all. Now I suddenly heard her three words of “something happened”, and my heart suddenly burst into tears, and I thought about the worst possibility. The strength of the whole body has been exhausted in an instant. Hurry up, Auntie just fell down and her stomach began to ache. She may have to give birth early. 。 omracking.com


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