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Othmane Meziane, Founder of BFITGROUP Revealed 6 Trends in Morocco Fitness Market in 2022: Ken Research

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“Smaller and local Gyms can try to adapt Pay for Use Technique which is quite different from Yearly Memberships as the People are quite apprehensive about joining Gyms with Annual Memberships after Closure for more than 12 Months. Providing people with Shorter Membership Options can help smaller gyms to gain traction and sustain in the market even after COVID”- Othmane Meziane.

In conversation with Othmane Meziane, Entrepreneur, Tech enthusiast, Founder of BFITGROUP, we have attempted to identify the key trends in the Morocco Fitness Market and the Future Techniques that will revolutionize the Fitness space.

What is the scenario of Commercial Fitness Centers in Morocco? Which type of Gyms are quite popular in the Moroccon Fitness Market?

Morocco has numerous small and local Gyms which are basically in operation by Sports Person and attended by People by Neighborhood areas only. In total, there are approximately 300-400 Commercial Gyms in Morocco inclusive of Local Gyms, Popular Fitness Centers and Luxury Boutique Fitness Centers. Most Popular Techniques used by Fitness Enthusiasts are quite similar to Europe such as Weight Training, Yoga and Strength Training in Popular Fitness Clubs such as Anytime Fitness and Gold Gym. New Concepts such as Fitness Studios of Boxing, Yoga, EMS (Electro Simulation) is increasingly being popular in Morocco.

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Are the Commercial Gyms in Morocco Gender Specific? Is there any specifications or Rules followed by Commercial Gyms in this regard?

There are 100% Ladies Fitness Clubs in Morocco such as City Club or have dedicated space for Women to Exercise in the Health Clubs. In Few Cities, It is advisable to have Different Entry gates, Separate Areas and Different Timings for males and Females.

What makes B-Fit different from Other Commercial Gym Centers in the Country? Are there any Additional Services being offered to the clients in the Gym?

B-Fit Club is a Luxury Boutique Fitness Club in Morocco, alligned with Health, Wellness and Fitness and aimed at providing dedicated personal Trainings, Group Training to people. Unlike Popular Fitness Centers, the company doesn’t allow people to exercise on their own and doesn’t have a common area to freely access the Equipment in absence of the trainer. Additional Services includes Nutritionist Consulting, Healing Therapies, and Cupping but doesn’t include Spa, Sauna facilities inside the Gym Premises.

What is the typical Area requirement for opening a Boutique Fitness Centers such as B-Fit in Morocco? Which are the major Areas of Concentration of Luxury Gyms in the Country?

The Biggest B-fit Facility is around 1000 Sqm with smaller Facilities around 300 sqms or more. The Company employ 10-20 Fitness trainers in B-Fit Luxury Gyms. Pre-Scheduled classes and Group Classes are provided in the Gym on Hourly basis on all days of the Week. 50% of all the Fitness Centers are located in Casablanca with all Flagship Branded Gyms stores as the city is highly lit with Malls, Supermarkets and Elite population earning Handsome Income to afford the expenses of Luxury Commercial Clubs in the Country.

How has the demand been impacted due to the COVID situation? What steps have been taken by the company to mitigate the losses during this period?

The COVID Situation has been quite bad for the Fitness Industry due to certain Government Decisions not in favor of the Gym Centers. Morocco was the only Country where Gyms were closed for 12 months out of 18 Months of COVID Period and have just re opened 5 days back. Due to Business Model of Personal Fitness Training, the Company kept working by providing personal training to their Clients in parks, Beaches, Home Coaching and Virtual Classes. B-Fit was also awarded as the most Technology Innovated Company in the Fitness Industry in Early 2021.

What was the reason of Survival of B-Fit Group during COVID? Are there any plans to revive back in the Fitness Industry after COVID?

B-Fit doesn’t work with Annual Memberships, instead work with Wallets which can be recharged and Services can be availed depending upon the Client’s convenience. Hence, Returning Membership Amounts or Extending the Service Period was not an issue faced by the Company during COVID times. Also, Outline Classes and Virtual Classes started by B-Fit also reduced the COVID Impact which could have otherwise dropped the Revenues and Members in the Gym.

Marketing Techniques through Social Media and Discounts to the Existing Members will definitely increase the member’s penetration considering the changed Consumer Preference and Health conscious Attitude after COVID-19.

What was smaller and Local Fitness Centers do in order to sustain in the Market after COVID?

Gyms can try to adapt Pay for Use which is quite different from Yearly Memberships as the People are quite apprehensive about joining Gyms after lockdown for more than 12 Months in the Country. Providing people with Shorter Membership Options can help smaller gyms to gain traction and sustain in the market even after COVID.

Are all the Sports equipment imported from Other Countries or Locally Manufactured? How many Distributors are there in the Fitness Market?

90%-95% of all Equipment are imported and less than 10% is locally manufactured in Morocco. Morocco has just 5-6 Distributors such as Bellaforme. The market for Second hand equipments is quite huge which is highly purchased by Local gyms, Home Gyms and is generally traded in Black market and is not regulated by the Government.

As people in Morocco have larger space in their homes than most parts of Europe, People tend to buy equipments for their self-Consumption. With such change in the consumer demand and Preferences, Sports equipment’s market is definitely expected to grow in Future.

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