Ottoman and Pouffe – The Multipurpose Gems of your Home

It is a fact that you can never have enough seats in your home, but it doesn’t mean that you end up hoarding so many seats that your home gets cluttered.

And this is where the most comfortable and fun-loving seating experience comes to your rescue. We’re talking about Ottomans and Pouffes. They are handy, space-saving, versatile and stylish.

But that’s not it! These multi-faceted ottomans and pouffes are more than just some extra space-saving seats, they also add style to your décor. Today, this article is dedicated to 7 ways in which you can use storage ottomans and pouffes.

1. As Evergreen Footrest: To be used as a footrest is the original intent of an ottoman. It’s like, if you don’t have a chaise lounge or a sofa, pick up an ottoman or a pouffe and use it as a footrest wherever you sit.

And, when not in use it as a footrest, you can use them to accentuate the decor as they come in different sizes, shapes and style.

2. A Hidden Storage: There is a need of storage in almost every room, and what if we tell you that Ottomans and Pouffes can also double as stylish storage options. There are ottomans and pouffes available which have hinged tops and make for a great and stylish storage.

3. Add Aesthetics: There are so many styles of ottomans and pouffes available which are visually appealing and fun to have as an extra seat in your space. Not only this, if you think that your space is lackluster or has a modest color palette, then ottomans and pouffes are a great way to add a pop of colors and fun to your décor.

You can also use them as a show piece in any space or you can also display any decorative pieces on them if you want something to stand out.

4. As A Coffee Table: In recent years, ottomans and pouffes have become larger and more versatile that now there exist variants which can play the role of a coffee table as well. So, replace your old coffee table with this modern avatar of ottomans and pouffes for a fun and relaxing conversation starter.

If you are thinking that you have a big living room and how this modern avatar will adjust in it, then the perfect solution is to double the ottomans. Twice the comfort, twice the fun.

5. Spruce up the Empty Space: If you are wondering what to do with that empty space beneath your console table, then you can blindly go for ottomans and pouffes. As they are tiny and stylish, you can spruce up the space by this multipurpose gem.

Not only this, but they can also be used with your dressing table and that is how you will add a touch of luxury without dominating much of the space.

6. Companion to your Bed: Ottomans and pouffes can provide an additional element of comfort and serve as great companions to your bed. You can say that these can be the gorgeous finishing touches to your bedroom’s décor.

7. Tuck away Seating: If you live in an urban area or in a small apartment, then this can be your best bargain. When not in need, you can tuck your ottomans somewhere like underneath a table or a console table, and when in need, pull them out and flaunt.

Conclusion: These are the top 7 ways of using ottomans and pouffes. And if you want to explore more ways, get yourself one.

Ottomans and pouffes are more than just fun-loving extra seats, they are versatile and can be used in many ways.


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