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Outreach Pack – The Search for the True Church & Why God Said Remember Pocketbooks – English

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Share Your Faith In A Simple Way!

Its easy to share your faith with these 2 Amazing Facts Pocketbooks that are full of Bible truth! Share them with family, friends, neighbors or people you pass on the street.

The Search for the True Church – by Joe Crews

There are hundreds of denominations in the Christian faith! Are you searching for the “right” one? How will you know when you’ve found it? In this eye-opening book, Joe Crews reveals God’s true church through biblical reasoning and research.

  • What are the four marks of the true church?
  • What is the “spirit of prophecy” … and where did all the prophets go?
  • Discover God’s true church and know you stand among His remnant people! 

Why God Said Remember – by Joe Crews

This classic and inspiring look at the Sabbath will not only motivate you to follow God’s Word—it will inform and delight you along the way. Learn why God chose to establish the Sabbath and whether or not it still matters for believers living today.

  • What is God’s mark of sovereignty—and how does it relate to the Sabbath?
  • Understand the connection between salvation, obedience, and the Sabbath!
  • Overcome the major fallacies in arguments against the Sabbath.
  • Learn to have victory where you haven’t had it before!

SPECIAL Bulk Pricing:

Available in bundles of 50 copies of each book for just ₹800 that's a total of 100 books for a low price! 

Or available in a bundle of 100 copies of each book for just ₹1200, that's a total of 200 books at one low price!



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