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Overcoming The Struggles of Writer’s Block

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Whether you are writing a thesis, a research paper, an article or even a novel, writing can be quite a challenge at times. And if you add in the demands of a modern life then it is pretty much a daily tackle to clear your mind and write an exceptional literary piece. And at times, you might even find it impossible to write a single word.

Writer’s block can be pretty terrifying – especially when you have a writing career. But many veterans in the writing business have dealt with the same issues and they have found a number of ways you can work your way around it. A prime example of such an individual is Federico Carro who serves as one of the best Italian authors of our time. 

One of Carro’s current writing projects include a fantasy saga called “the King of Light ” where the author has shared that the series will be filled with magic, mystery, uniqueness and a complexity in a make believe world he has created in his novel.

For the creation of the book, Carro has spent years head deep in research to gather up the materials in the book in order to make it one of his best literary pieces to exist as of yet. The book has taken inspiration from famous works like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Lord of the Rings so if you are a fan of these series, you will definitely like what Carro has in store for you in his novel series.

Carro has stated that the series will expand upto 14 books  so everyone will have plenty of reading to look after the first part. And as a writer who has been in the writing business for years, he has shared a few ways you can get past the writer’s block and find a way to start writing creatively again.

Improving Workspace

Maybe you have a separate place in your home which is your designated office where you have the privacy and silence to work. Now no matter what kind of environment, it has to be what you want it to be so make sure that you have decluttered the things you don't want in there and add things that inspire you. You should also make sure that your space is comfortable because you can't write your best if you're constantly being distracted by the discomfort.

Pomodoro Technique

According to the creator of the Pomodoro technique, this method revolves around the concept of how people are most productive in 25-minute blocks. So set your timer on your phone and try not to get interrupted through that time limit – just power through it and after the 25 minute mark, you can take a break.

Try Out a Writing Prompt

Having the first step in front of you can be a good way to get started. Remember when you were in grade school and you would be given a topic to write an essay on? The same thing applies here. Treat the beginning of your writing the same way as you would with a prompt. You can even find many writing prompts online that you can take inspiration from.


This is probably the most basic one but it is quite surprising how many people do not read books during their writer’s block. All the inspiration you are looking for might just be in the pile of books you own, the internet, or even the local library. Take the timeout to read something for at least 10 minutes – poetry, short stories, or essays – which is bound to get you into the right mindset to start writing again.


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