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A crane might be the first thing that comes to mind if the term “industry' is heard. The question is, what would be the type of crane that comes to your mind? There are certain types of cranes used according to their purposes. One of the most common types of a crane is an overhead crane. An overhead crane is used for loading and unloading heavy loads, moving the materials, and assembling the equipment.

Types of overhead cranes:

Ranging from size, shape, and capacity, there are different types of overhead cranes used in different industries. Two of the most common overhead cranes are:

 1. EOT cranes:

EOT stands for (Electric Overhead Traveling), and as its name suggests, it is the most commonly used type of overhead crane used in an industrial facility. An EOT crane consists of parallel runway beams with a travelling bridge connected to the body and is mostly operated by electricity. These cranes are mostly seen in warehouses and industries for lifting heavy objects. There are two types of EOT cranes:

Single girder cranes:

A single girder crane is made up of a single bridge which is supported by two end trucks and a hoist mechanism that runs on the bottom flange of the bridge girder. Having the same abilities as an overhead crane possesses, they are used in industries to lift lighter weights. They lack an operating cabin andare operated through a radio remote or through a pendant.  

Double girder cranes:

Unlike single girder cranes, double girder cranes consist of two bridge girders supported by two end trucks and a trolley that runs between the bridge girders on their top. They are used to lift heavy weights and are costly than single girder cranes. They can also be operated through a cabin which single girder cranes lack.

2. Gantry Crane:

A gantry crane is a popular type of overhead crane used in industries that include heavy fabrication applications. They are seen in outdoor sites such as rail yards, shipping yards, steelyards, etc. Typically, these cranes are used to hold something in the air while it is being fabricated or worked upon. It is supported by freestanding legs structured on wheels that move along a track or rail system. Two stabilizer blades are installed under the main bearing girder so that it can move according to the track. Popular for their giant structure and weight capacity, these cranes can lift up to 500 tons of weight and can be 133 meters tall when it comes to height.

Different models of gantry cranes:

• Electric Hoist Gantry Crane

• L Type Single Girder

• A-Frame Double Girder

• Semi Gantry Crane

• Rubber Tyre Mobile Boat Lifting

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