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Overnight Desert Camping Experience

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An Overnight expedition to this overnight tour is the true definition of adventure and serenity which nobody would want to miss out on.


Dubai has desert safari as a precious natural asset. Tourists from all over the world arrive every year to witness this miraculous beauty on earth. Where the mornings and evenings tours are heavenly magical, the night charms make it out of this world. An Overnight expedition to this overnight tour is the true definition of adventure and serenity which nobody would want to miss out on. A desert safari Dubai journey in the nighttime is exceptional.  It offers a wonderful camping experience which is a great source of pleasure for adventurous folks.

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Table of Contents

What does an Overnight Desert Safari Offer to Traveler?

  1. Spend a Sleepless Night on Sand Bed
  2. Enthralling Terrain Activities
  3. Wander over the Camel’s Hump
  4. Delicious BBQ and Buffet
  5. Stage Art is Portrayed Live
  6. Witness the Setting and Rising Sun

What does an Overnight Desert Safari Offer to Traveler?

  1. Spend a Sleepless Night on Sand Bed

Camping in golden dunes is a felicitous experience to live. The camps of desert safari in Dubai are the epitome of elegance and artistry. The private Bedouin camps are embellished with a cosy ambience. These camps are based on traditional themes of the Bedouin lifestyle.

You can also pitch your camp with the available camping stuff and spend a magical night in your sleeping bag. Enjoy the blazing bonfire outside your camp with your squad. Camping is the utmost delight for people who love to wander on catchy locations like nomads. It defines a true travel enthusiast.

  1. Enthralling Terrain Activities

The Arabian dunes are famous for their spine-tingling sports. Dune bashing, quad biking, dune buggy ride, and sandboarding are adventurous activities that invite thrill-seekers. As the overnight safari begins right after the sunset, you can feel the thrill in a lovely landscape of early dusk.

Ride a dune buggy or get in a hummer, a 4×4 dune bashing vehicle promises endless thrill. Drift over the uneven golden dunes via quad bike or fat bike and satisfy your love for the thrill. Moreover, there is also a chance of sand skiing. Grab a sandboard and keep your arms wide open while surfing the high red dunes. Sand surfing is not only thrilling but also a super amusing activity that kids can also enjoy.

  1. Wander over the Camel’s Hump

A camel ride in the dusky background is super amusing when the cold dusty breezes hit your face. Explore the vast sand ocean riding over the camel’s back and travel back in time. This will give you archaic visuals of how old Arabs used to travel like nomads utilizing their pets. Camel is a heritage animal of the UAE and its ride is a must-try at desert safari. Moreover, this carrier will navigate to the farthest edges of the Arabian dune for you if you are a real explorer. Because a camel can cross the areas that an SUV cannot cover.

  1. Delicious BBQ and Buffet

You won’t miss the privileges of city life at this nomadic place. The buffet set in the heart of the dunes welcomes everyone to a flavorful delight. Try local Arabian cuisines such as camel meat stew, stakes, and lamb meat. Along with this, various international dishes make up the main courses, siders, and appetizers for you.

Get recharged by unlimited refills of the refreshing soft drinks. There are also servings of Arabian coffee and tea along with dates. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting dehydrated in the barren because [plenty of mineral water is accessible freely at the desert camp.

  1. Stage Art is Portrayed Live

Witness the colourful nightlife in the middle of red Arabian terrain. The stunning performers of the desert safari depict conventional art and various dance forms. There are belly dancers who stun the audience with their stupendous belly moves along with swords and knives.

The famous Tanura show is the symbol of Arabian mysticism. The stuntmen and fierce dancers compel everyone with their amazing fire frolics. All this depiction of Arabian art can only be found in overnight camping in the Arabian desert. You’ll revere your decision of grabbing an overnight camping experience once you witness the live entertainment here.

  1. Witness the Setting and Rising Sun

After all the fun part and madness in the sand at night, open your eyes to a perfect celestial view of the sunset. Nature admirers would love seeing the spellbound sunrise from their campsite. The hues of the dunes radiate fluorescence when dusk turns into dawn. The compelling view of sunrise from the barren of Dubai is the most tempting thing in this tour.


Now that you’ve absorbed the idea of what overnight camping at a desert safari looks like, you might not want to miss it. So come over here with your friends and family and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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