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There are two types and standards of API 5L Gr X42 pipes, PSL1 and PSL2. The grade with the best mechanical characteristics is PSL1. Both of these grades can be cold- and hot-rolled. The pipes range in size from 3/8 inch to 30 inch.

The best grade for industrial and domestic applications is API 5L Gr X42. Due to the high molybdenum content in its chemical composition, the grade is durable and hard. Molybdenum keeps the alloy's grade stable and gives it great heat resistance.

The most stable and effective grade is API 5L Gr X42. It has a high yield strength and tensile strength. It can withstand thermal treatments such as welding. These pipes have a tensile strength of 60000 PSI and a yield strength of 42000 PSI.

It is a pipe made of carbon steel with a very little amount of carbon. Manganese, phosphorus, and sulphur are frequently included in the alloy mix for API 5L X42 pipes.

These components help the pipe's mechanical strength. High-pressure gas pipelines made with API 5L X42 Erw material are extremely resistant to heat, acid, and industrial waste. It is particularly resistant to corrosion caused by hydrogen sulphide, or H2S.

The API 5L X42 Specification covers both seamless and welded pipes. There are product specification level 1 and 2 in this specification as well. The API 5L X42 Psl2 is used with applications that require higher mechanical properties such as high pressure containment, high temperature tolerance and high corrosion resistance.

The API 5L X42 PSL1 Pipe has lower mechanical properties, making it cheaper and frequently used. The industries such as domestic water supply, oil and gas pipe lines, natural gas processing plants all use both of these pipe types interchangeably.

Addition of these alloying elements enhances the API 5L X42 mechanical properties. The API 5L X42 Erw are high pressure gas pipelines. These pipes have high resistance to cold, acid and industrial waste, like hydrogen sulphide and other highly corrosive environments.

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