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Overview Of 3 phenyl pentane 1196-58-3

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Phenylpentane CAS 1196-58-3, also known as pentan-3-yl benzene, is a five-carbon chain with a phenyl group at the third carbon atom. The numerical designation of 3 phenyl pentane that is maintained by the Chemical abstract service CAS of the American chemical society is  1196-58-3. The molecular weight of Phenylpentane CAS 1196-58-3 viz the summation of the atomic masses of all the atoms present in the molecule is 148.24. The molecular formula of 3 phenyl pentane CAS 1196-58-3 depicts the total number of atoms of each element present in each molecule of a compound – C11H16. The boiling point of 3 phenyl pentane CAS 1196-58-3 is 185.7 degrees Celsius. The melting point of 3 phenyl pentane CAS 1196-58-3 is -44.72 degrees Celsius. The specific density of Phenylpentane CAS 1196-58-3 is 0.86 g/cm3. 

According to the Globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS) Hazard statements, Phenylpentane CAS 1196-58-3 is labeled as H302 which stands for caution because if the compound is swallowed by the handler then it can be harmful to their health. Other than that, 3 phenyl pentane CAS 1196-58-3 is a not very toxic compound for aquatic life, so it can’t have long-lasting hazardous effects on the environment. For protection do use personal protective equipment including dust mask type N95, eyeshields, and gloves while handling this compound.

3 phenyl pentane 1196-58-3 compound is known to burn or irritate the skin and eyes of the person that comes in contact with it. The vapor formed from this chemical compound is severely toxic in nature and may cause suffocation and resulting in dizziness.

There are certain precautionary statements assigned to 3 phenyl pentane CAS 1196-58-3 in order to make sure that the handling and disposal of the compound are executed properly. The P501 label states that the container consisting of Phenylpentane CAS 1196-58-3 content should be disposed of to an approved waste disposal plant. The P210 label state that the Phenylpentane CAS 1196-58-3 should be kept away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames, and other ignition sources including smoking areas. The P233 label state that the container consisting of  Phenylpentane CAS 1196-58-3 compound should be kept tightly closed. The P370 + P378 label states that in case of fire the handler should use dry sand, dry chemical, or alcohol-resistant foam to extinguish it. The P303 + P361 + P353 label states that if 3 phenyl pentane CAS 1196-58-3 compound comes into contact with skin or hair, the handler must immediately take off all their contaminated clothing and then rinse skin with water. The P403 + P235 label states that the compound should be stored in a well-ventilated place and should be kept cool. 

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