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The demand and popularity of super apps are advancing globally. The best example of those is a one-for-many service all in one business

According to today’s trend, people tend to acquire services within a go. They need an app that can serve multiple services on the go. 

So it's time for you to build apps like Gojek if you are eager to grow up your comprehensive business.  

I’m going to share some points that make you think to develop the Gojek app. I believe these points will help you greatly in running a multi-service business online. 

Working Protocols Of Apps Like Gojek

You need to understand the basic function/flow of the Gojek App. It’ll greatly help you while developing an app for your landmark business. Let’s see how it works.


  • In the first place, users will download the app from their mobile market. The app is available in the Play Store, as well as the app store. If needed, they can access the services through the website.    


  • Once they complete downloading, they will log in using their social media account. Using social media, they can rapidly enter the app. By undertaking detailed procedures of login, they get personalized services on top. It’s not available for users who sign up using social media accounts. 


  • After signing up, they will face the dashboard of the app. There they will encounter on-demand products and services to go with them quickly. Other than that, they have many features to experience in the app. Wishlist, trendy services, instant bookings, and purchasing premiums are visible to users in this dashboard. 


  • They can hail taxis, order products, hire handymen or other professionals, etc., This on-demand service is ready to serve users anytime. Also, they can cancel it before and post booking. Repetition may cause service charges from users to smoothen the efforts of service providers.  


  • They can pay for the services digitally. Cash paying will not play a big role in payments. Also, they can pay in cash if necessary. For digital payments, the users get incredible vouchers and redeem codes upon completing payments. Cash payments will less likely to attract these benefits.  


  • Once they book services, the order is tracked lively. They get them without hurrying for grabbing them. If users opt for taxi-hailing services, they can track the driver’s location lively. The app shows their locations (delivery partners or taxi drivers) inch by inch. Using this, users can direct them if possible to reach the accurate destination.  


  • Updates can also be sent through notifications. Users can track them without opening the app. They receive a specific notification when the service provider reached the doorstep. This helps users to get parcels without missing them.


  • Upon delivery completion, the app asks users about their experience with the service. They rate it and exit the app satisfactorily. Not only users, but even service providers can also rate users and delivery partners if needed. This is also applicable to delivery partners and taxi drivers.   


  • The given ratings will help other users to experience the service before they book. If it’s given good, more users will be attracted to the services. If it’s filled with unsatisfactory reviews, the app will flag the services and the admin team will proceed further to enhance the service to give a better experience. 

You may wonder how this typical work protocol app gets popular. Let me answer you about it. 

Why Gojek Is Popular App?

As we already know, companies are adopting to run the business through apps. To keep up with changing trends, enterprises, and entrepreneurs are modernizing their concepts of doing business. 

They keenly develop apps to manage, operate, and develop their businesses digitally. But their investment in developing apps keeps on changing. 

Separate investment for a separate business is considered outdated practice. With cutting-edge technologies, they develop a single app for many services. They widely opt for this multi-service app for its impeccable penetration. And it's quicker to develop and investment-friendly too. 

Payments, transportation, and deliveries, like 20 services Gojek provides its users. The on-demand services it provides at hands of users make it popular. And… 

You can also provide 20+ services in your business if you develop apps like Gojek. It’s easy today to become a competitor in today’s industry. Do you want some idea about what on-demand services you can undertake? 

Let me suggest some wonderful services that will be on-demand ever. 

Ever In On-Demand Services

Food Delivery Services:-

People need food regardless of their place. They at least have food 3 times a day. Running of food delivery services will not happen any day. 

This delivery service provides you with assured business every day.  And the commission from it cannot be stopped at any cause. 

According to the fact, food delivery services are rising drastically. The revenue today of this business stands at 0.77 trillion USD. It is expected to reach 1.45 trillion USD by 2027.

A bright future is there for your business if it undertakes food delivery.  

Delivery of All Services:-

This business is ever-lasting in the industry of delivery services. For example flowers, fruit, gadgets, furniture, vehicles, machines, etc., can be delivered with these services. This delivery service carries everything for business regardless of size, weight, or product category. 

Ride-Hailing Services:-

By pooling taxis/cabs on your services, you can invite users to hail taxis for their rides. This service is one of the on-demand services that people seek.

Take cars, minivans, bikes, autos, etc., and can be effectively equipped for ride-hailing services. 

It is one of the much encouraging services among people. Those who don’t have a vehicle can enjoy riding in it just by booking an order in the app. 

Handyman/Do-It-Yourself Jobs:-

Handyman services are one of the necessary services people need. Be it plumbing, floor cleaning, laundering, window cleaning, car washing, etc., People need handyman services even after one year of building their houses.  

It is natural of getting issues in pipelines, air coolers, and carpets. But people need professionals to repair it properly. With the increasing demand for serving do-it-yourself jobs, you can augment your business growth by enclosing these services. 

Digital Payment Services:-

At the time of the pandemic, people started adopting the digitized transfer of payments. This makes their payments easy. It helped greatly to stem the spread of Corona through physical money. 

This service allows users to make payments with smartphones. Cards and cash are no longer the objects of paying for services. 

And it is one of the must-known and must-have technologies for people to support the growth of digitized business. 

Things That Make Gojek User-Friendly

Multiple Shops One App:-

Gojek-like apps provide users with multiple shops under one umbrella. So users don’t have to make travel to purchase things they need. They can pay online too for purchases they make. They get delivered things they purchase at doorsteps.

This assures convenience for users getting services through the app. The incredible connectivity between users and shop owners makes processes faster. 

Mobile’s Partner:-

Unlike installing apps and dumping mobile storage with them, Gojek is enough to acquire every on-demand service in one platform.  The storage space of users’ mobile is getting free to run apps smoothly. Users don’t feel frustrated because of the app glitches and flickering, while they acquire service. This is one of the reasons why people prefer using this multi services app to get every on-demand service.

Acquirable Services:-

The internet connectivity helps users to use this multi-services app from anywhere. They can book taxis, or purchase things whenever they want them.

The app provides simplicity in usage. So anybody regardless of generation can use it with ease. This brings a specific fan base for this multi-service business app.

Innovation In Servicing:-

Features like fingerprint or facial recognition, QR code scanning, VR integration, voice recognition, etc., will make servicing innovative. It takes purchasing to the next level and promises an experience that users never felt before. Assured security is one of the benefits it has for users. Users can set the app to allow booking after their fingerprint recognition. This evades bookings happening unknowingly. 

Ride Sharing:-

Though the app provides ride-hailing services handily, some users need ride-sharing options to prevent environmental pollution and unnecessary luxuries. This covers environmental or social activists too to make use of the app for their needs. 

Line Of Opportunity

I think the topics 


  • Working protocols of apps like Gojek


  • Its popularity


  • It's potential in on-demand services


  • Its user-friendliness


made sense to you. There is no doubt in offering these services greatly through this multi-service provider app like Gojek.  And if you want to rank top above all the competitors, it’s time to hire the best Gojek app development team to build an app for the multi-services business. Examine the best opportunities and experts in this world and develop apps like Gojek. With this small effort, you’ll notice your app is the toughest competitor in this digital world. All the best for all the futuristic ventures you make. 



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