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Pack for the Spiti Valley- March edition

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Are you the one you have always wanted to visit Spiti Valley? Are you the one who has booked his spiti valley packages and is now waiting for the grand day to come? If you're the one, then you must be confused about what to pack for your much awaited Spiti Valley bike trip. And your concern is genuine because Spiti is a big Valley and during your trip of a week you're going to experience different temperatures and weather.


Day 1 Location: Kalpa

You'll visit Kalpa via Shimla and you're going to feel a sudden altitude and temperature change. As it is going to be the first stop of your Spiti tour package and it's Day1 you would not like to risk catching a cold and ruin your whole week of Spiti. Although the temperature in Kalpa doesn't go negative even in the nights and you'll experience a 2°-3° of temperature, it's still good to keep yourself covered.


Recommended clothes: Wear a cotton full sleeve t-shirt or you can go with a body thermal and layer it with a medium warm sweater/hoodie or jacket and that's it you're good to go. Your normal sports shoes will work fine in this location.




Day 2 Location: Tabo

Next stop is Tabo and we're moving towards a lower and colder temperature. The temperature in Tabo goes to negative 5 degrees at night and it can get quite cold with the chilly wind blowing. Although the homestays at Tabo will keep you warm, if you want to explore Tabo and not sit in the homestay do pack a lot of warm clothes. When it comes to shoes, again there isn't much snow and your normal trainers/sneakers will work fine here.


Recommended clothes:

Day– Although you'll reach Tabo in the evening, it's still good to know what to expect. The daytime in Tabo is not so cold. So just wear what you would wear in Kalpa but throw a layer or two extra and you'll be alright.


Night– Layering is the key to beat the cold. Wear your body thermal, two layers of body fitted sweater, a fleece jacket and then a windbreaker. Keep your ears covered with a cap or headband, and don't forget to wear a muffler or scarf. Also, feet are where the cold catches at first. So, wear at least two pairs of socks to keep your feet warm and you're good to go.



Day3 & 4 Location: Kaza

The highlight of the Spiti Valley trip is here, Kaza! Kaza is the coldest spot (here the temperature goes as low as negative 15 degrees even in the month of march) you're going to visit in Spiti and this is the only place you're going to stay at for two nights in a row. So, wear the warmest clothes that you have.


Recommended clothes: Again layering is the key. Wear what you were wearing in Tabo but throw in an extra warm jacket (knee length/long jackets are recommended) and gloves with it. You can layer your lowers as well to keep your legs warm. Also here, you should definitely carry a shawl to beat the chilly winds. Talking about shoes, here you have to wear trekking shoes that are waterproof and those which will work fine in snow.



Day5 and Day6 Locations: Kalpa and Chitkul/Sangla

We've clubbed these two locations because the temperature of these two destinations is almost similar. Anyway you are coming from the coldest place of the itinerary, Kaza so you don't need to worry about the cold of these places now.


Recommended clothes: We've already talked about Kalpa and you can follow the same recommended layers for it. But when it comes to Chitkul, you should know that it is a place full of snow so although the temperature will not be harsh you have to prepare yourself for the snow. Keep on your layered socks and try to prevent the snow from entering your feet. Once the snow enters and melts in your shoe, it will become unbearably cold and uncomfortable for you. Carry shoes that are waterproof and preferably high ankled.


After reading this blog you are going to get a clear idea about what you should be packing for the Spiti Valley winter expedition. Rest the choice of clothes is on you, whether you want to carry a Decathlon jacket or any other kind.


Happy packing and happy Spiti Valley to you!! 






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