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We have all seen Packaging And Protective Packaging In one form or another. From day-to-day household products that are bought online to expensive products such as electrical and computer components, packaging and protective packaging play a crucial role.


Packaging and protective packaging is used if there is a likelihood of damage to a product during transportation and handling while delivery. Outdated methods are still in use and common today, however, improvements in materials and packaging machineries have lend a hand for the protective packaging sector to thrust into the next generation.


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Today, the industry of packaging and protective packaging is no longer limited to virgin bubble wraps and plastic air pillows. Thanks to the invention of eco-friendly protective packaging which not only safeguards the packed product but also helps in keeping the environment safe.


Some of the best eco-friendly protective packaging solutions are as follows:


Green Wrap

It is a best replacement for plastic bubble. It provides optimum protection, superior unboxing experience, and enhanced wrapping. It cushions and safeguards delicate products during transportation.


Application areas: Art articles, pottery, glass items, candles, and books that are likely to get crushed on their edges, and many others.


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Flexi-Hex Air Sleeve

It is a lightweight and compact packaging sleeve designed to keep your products protected. It is appropriate for packaging small household or commercial items. It is made up of tissue paper, hence it is delicate but at the same time durable. It is nearly 76% recyclable and naturally biodegradable.


It is an ideal solution for businesses that vend fixed-sized products that require separate packaging and protection. It is more efficient as compared to green wrap; nevertheless, the available sizes must work for your products.


Application areas: Glass bottles, glassware, candles, tableware, and many others.


Packaging Paper

It is available in rolls. You simply need to tear off the required length, crumple it up, and use it to bung up hollow spaces in your shipment packages. It offers blocking and bracing support inside a package, thus averting the products from moving in any random direction.


Application areas: It is ideal for any products that are packed in boxes having extra space. Even a product that fits perfectly in a box might have some additional space to fill, especially if the product has an irregular or circular shape.


Corrugated Bubble

It is a shredded uneven sheet that can be placed on the bottom or top of a shipping package for cushioning, or can be crumpled up and used to fill empty spaces inside shipping package.


Application areas: Businesses that despatch brittle products or products that are likely to get their edges crushed or products that need a cushioning layer at the top, bottom or sides of their shipment package. Also, it can be used to fill-in small empty space in the package. It can also be used as a wrapping material around individual items to avert them from causing damage to each other during transportation.


Tissue Paper

It is a thin, lightly calendared paper. It is used for wrapping individual products to safeguard them from dust or stains, while also giving them a lovely appearance. It can be 100% recycled, either curbside biodegradable or compostable (depending on the municipality), and is naturally recyclable. It is ideal for products that are not subjected to damage or likely to get crushed on edges. However, you can use it for protecting products from dust and creating beautiful presentation.


Application areas: Apparels, books, frames, soaps, jewellery, accessories, and many others.


The Bottom Line

Over the years, as businesses endeavour to modernize and enhance packing solutions, protective packaging has full-blown. With the rising trend for eco-friendly packaging, the global packaging and protective packaging market is also gaining traction. According to a report by Research Dive, rise in sales owing to internet shopping especially in the North America is boosting the North America packaging and protective packaging market. To sum-up, eco-friendly packaging is here to stay and aid businesses in safeguarding their products during transit.


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