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Packaging Materials in India

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Packaging materials come in various shapes and types. The most common of these are cardboard, also called corrugated fiberboard or container board. It is one of the most recycled packaging materials in the U.S. Other packaging materials are boxboard and paperboard. The latter is thicker than regular paper and is available in several grades for different needs. Paper bags and shipping sacks can also be used for different purposes, such as grocery shopping, packing school lunches, and carrying heavy items.


Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging material comes in various forms, from single-layer pouches to multilayer materials that provide a barrier or protection for the product inside. Each layer serves a different purpose. The goal of flexible packaging material is to protect the product inside the pack from external influences. These external influences can include atmospheric impurities like oxygen and UV rays. These materials are also susceptible to tearing and puncturing, damaging the contents.

One advantage of flexible packaging material is that it is easy to customize the packaging to fit specific product needs. Unlike rigid materials, flexible materials can be quickly cut to size and shape, saving time and money. For instance, flexible film is lightweight and durable and can be used to create protective bin liners, bag-in-box systems, and a wide variety of food packaging solutions.


Rigid packaging

The market for rigid packaging materials is mainly driven by the growth of the food and beverage industry. This segment also benefits from a rise in the disposable income of consumers. Rising e-commerce sales and trade-related agreements also drive the growth of this industry. However, the increasing popularity of flexible packaging poses challenges to this market's growth.

The availability of Rigid packaging material online India has a more robust structure and provides better protection than other types of packaging. The material also keeps the product from moving inside the packaging. In addition, it can reduce direct impacts and keep the product safe during transportation. Many manufacturers of fragile products require the use of rigid packaging to ensure the safety of their products.



Paperboard is a natural, sustainable, and inexpensive packaging material. It creates rigid and semi rigid cartons and wraps for fluids and solids. Paperboard is often treated with polyethylene on both sides to increase its barrier properties. The material is also used to create multilayer laminates, which are made of up to seven layers.

This material is typically brown or natural in color. It can be a natural choice for products that need a more natural look or feel. Paperboard comes in various grades that can differ in strength and durability. The superior grade depends on the weight and structural design of the product being packaged. Its stiffness is one of the essential properties. It affects the ability of the cartons to run smoothly and lessens their tendency to bulge underweight.



The Plastic Pipe and Plastic Packaging Material industry has faced a challenging operating environment over the past five years. Increased competition from imported materials has hurt downstream manufacturers, who account for most of the industry sales. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt consumer demand for the industry's products. As a result, industry revenue is forecast to decline by 0.2% annually through 2021-22. In the current year, the industry's revenue decreased by 6.6%.

Polyethylene is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic material with a low density, rigidity, and strength. It has low electrical and thermal conductivity but good insulation properties. It is commonly used in consumer bags and films for various applications.


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