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Paloma Picasso is a renowned fashion designer, philanthropist and businesswoman. She is best known for her jewellery designs and perfume range created under the name of Yves Saint Laurent. Paloma has gained international recognition in the fashion industry due to her timeless and striking jewellery collections, which combine contemporary and classic elements. She is also well-known for her advocacy work, having worked extensively with UNICEF on projects in Southeast Asia. Here’s an overview of Paloma's life and career:  


Early Life and Education 


Paloma Picasso was born Maria Christina Paloma Vega Lopez-Cambil in Madrid, Spain on April 19th 1949. Her family home was located just outside Paris. From an early age, Picasso was surrounded by art; both of her parents were painters – artist Eva Gonzalez de la Camara and artist Pablo Picasso. When she was 18 years old, she moved to Paris to study at the École des Beaux Arts and then at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. 


Career Beginnings 


In 1968, Paloma began working as assistant designer for Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). During this time she also began designing under her own name with smaller projects such as scarves, belts, bags etc., as well as metal jewellery for YSL's haute couture collection. In 1979 Paloma made history by creating one of the first designer fragrances “Lovely Magic” with L'Oréal which boosted its sales hugely. Eventually the highly successful fragrance line including ‘Paloma picasso para femme’ launched in 1984 followed by other women's perfumes like ‘Petit et grand'. However Picasso's biggest project with YSL was yet to come – the jewellery line ‘Tresor Classic'. The Tresor Collection included simple elegance pieces designed with diamonds and precious stones making them alluring but wearable at same time, charming signature designs that every woman can recognize! 




Throughout her career she has been actively involved in charity works particularly focusing on children's health issues. In particular she had long term collaboration with UNICEF since 1982 when she took part in a health care mission to SouthEast Asia to provide help for people affected by oil slicks resulting from the 1979 Gulf crisis . As a result Palomas' passionate work with UNICEF led to become honorary ambassador of the organisation offering funds detailing 3 million dollars over 10 years toward the HIV/Aids programme . Similarly, besides being part of Korean aid projects , the sweetheart necklace pioneered through a partnership between Tiffany & CO became another charitable product where 20% of purchases were given back towards UNICEF resources .  




Paloma Picasso is a truly inspirational figure who has achieved immeasurable success not only within the fashion industry but also through charity works worldwide dating back more than three decades ago ! With numerous recognitions including an award from United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF ) it can be seen that legacy will live on truly making something special!


Where can I find her artwork for sale?

Her artwork is for sale through her own website, as well as through retail stores and galleries in the area. You can also find her work online from ecommerce sites such as Bidsquare and eBay, or other sites such as Saatchi Art, the largest global art marketplace. Additionally, if you are interested in buying an original piece of her artwork, she has a few galleries around the country that display her works. Whether you’re looking to buy prints or originals, there are plenty of options available to choose from.


Are you looking to buy the artwork of a talented artist? Are you curious about where to find it? This article will provide an overview of some of the places where her artwork is available for sale. 


Buy Artwork Directly From the Artist’s Website

The easiest and most direct way to buy an artist’s artwork is through their own website. This allows buyers to purchase directly from the artist, so they're guaranteed authentic pieces at fair prices. Artists often list their work, along with any available sizes and prices on their websites. 


Visit Local Art Galleries or Art Fairs

Local art galleries or art fairs are great places to purchase unique artwork from local artists and those from surrounding areas. These events often bring together many different styles of artwork and offer a variety of options that can be purchased from trusted sources.


Check Out Online Stores Like Bidsquare

Bidsquare is an online store devoted solely to selling Vintage crafts, which makes it a great source for unique artwork by artists who don’t necessarily have their own websites. Here you'll find everything from vibrant paintings to digital prints, all created by independent makers trying to make a living off their talents. 


Attend Live Auction Events 

For modern day collectors looking for one-of-a-kind finds, attending live auction events is another great way to score deals on artwork while supporting local artisans and contributing to the regional economy as well. At these events, last-minute bids help drive up prices so if you're lucky enough to snag a winning bid in time then you could end up getting your hands on some incredible works of art at discounted rates.



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