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There is a perfect storm that has to collect to make someone parking a happy camper… location and price. It's a challenge that many face on a daily basis with a growing number of people and vehicles relative to the availability on parking spaces in dense population areas. There is not a situation of lesser parking space for rent in the U.S., in fact, they are in substantial numbers and yet are kept unused.

The actual problem is the discord between the unused parking space owners and the people looking to rent them. These spaces are residential and commercial but owners are left in the dark that there is a demand for these spaces to be utilized.

The sharing economy is a modern concept of economics where individuals share their assets, goods or services with needy individuals either for free or in return for money and this whole thing takes place typically through the means of the Internet by definition. The concept of the sharing economy seems to be the best answer to fill this void between owner and renter. Sharing economy is a first world concept, which creates a solution to a first world problem, which is parking.

Startups and companies alike have developed this concept to bridge the gap between having unused parking spaces made available to rent out to travelers or car owners for a specific period of time. There are certain Chicago parking app and websites embracing this culmination of community, which is the sharing economy and the parking dilemma. This idea has exploded because it is a win-win situation for the automotive community; car owners are able to access much needed parking and owners of space are able to tap into supplemental income that was never deemed possible by the unused available space.

ParqEx is The Private Parking Platform app that connects people with underutilized parking spots to people looking for parking in busy neighborhoods (think Airbnb for parking). Using ParqEx, parking owners are able to rent their parking spot(s) on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis and earn some extra cash. Compared to all other parking solutions, ParqEx pricing is competitive and typically cheaper with a range of parking options available.

Motivation is fueled with owners working through ParqEx knowing there is secondary income to be made employing the vacant Chicago parking garages. ParqEx is finds itself on the list of must have apps for the reason of allowing people the opportunity to have access to parking options that are easy, cheap, and convenient. Partnering in Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Madison you can find spots via ParqEx.

For more information, visit Parqex.com.


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