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In a world full of the internet, what seems to be one of the most important aspects of it is the security of your data. It is essential to keep personal and sensitive information safe no matter what online platform it is.

The majority of internet users tend to use very common and simple passwords, which are easily crackable and tend not to be that effective. Passwords like ‘123456’ and ‘password’ have been very prominent and are the easiest to crack, and lots of people still use these. And when we use the more wordy and complex password, we find it difficult to remember. Hence, some of us end up recycling that password, I.e., when we use one password for many platforms and accounts at once. And if some hacker gets through that one recycled password, he gets access to every other account with the same password, which is quite a severe problem.

So we use Password Manager on our mobile device or computer to eliminate such issues and make it much easier and safer for users to browse the internet. A password manager could be an app or an in-built feature of a browser. A password manager stores all your passwords in one place for easy access and automatically logs you in whenever and wherever you need. This password manager acts like a vault where your password database is encrypted with a master password for complete security since only you would know that master password. 

A password manager saves your passwords and generates random unique passwords for you to use for different accounts or websites, eliminating the issue of password recycling. 

If you’re someone who runs a business, you know it’s nothing less than a nightmare to manage who has access to which account. This especially happens when several people need access to a single account. A password manager will make this easy by giving you a feature for efficiently managing password sharing or distribution and change it when deemed necessary. Some password managers, mostly the premium ones, have this feature where they allow only a single person to control the passwords, and then that person gives others access to the account without even disclosing what the actual password is. 

Password managers are much efficient and effective than a browser-based in-built password manager. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer have in-built integrated passwords, but these cannot compete with individual password manager applications. A browser password manager is way more vulnerable to phishing or hacking since it does not store passwords in encrypted form and is easily accessible via a password file on your computer or smartphone.

There are all kinds of password managers available in the application market; some are free, some are paid for access to premium features, some are cloud-based password managers, and some are locally installed open-source applications.One of the most prominent advantages of Password Managers is that they provide a feature of syncing the passwords across different devices, I.e., if you have more than one device, you can use your master account that contains all your passwords on the rest of the devices as well. This feature frees you of the hassle of switching back and forth between devices to enter passwords.

We all have different needs for our online lives, and our choices to manage them may also differ. So one needs to be careful and take all the precautionary measures to ensure that their accounts are safe and protected.

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