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Are you tired of the pollen that gives your patio and pool screen enclosure a yellowish-green stain?


We know that owning a high-grade aluminum pool screen enclosure has a lot of benefits. The structure allows a stress-free atmosphere by maintaining the area free from animals, bugs, debris, and dirt. In addition, a quality screen enclosure in your pool area creates a secure and comfortable space for a hangout with friends and family.


Just like any other spot at home, pool enclosures must be constantly tended and adequately sustained. By doing this, the patio and pool screen enclosure lasts for years. Learn how to care for your patio and pool screen enclosure with easy tips below:


Clean Your Screen Enclosures: Spray, Scrub and Dry


Cleaning your patio screen enclosure is important because it not only retains a shine in your view, but it also helps prolong the life of the screen and frame. Cleaning your screen enclosure only takes a sunny day, a gardening hose, and a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water. After soaking the cage, clean it well with a soft bristle brush. Spray everything down for a final rinse, keeping an eye out for any tough areas that may require extra attention. Finish by snap-drying or wiping the screens with a chamois to remove excess water. Otherwise, droplets may create streaks that undo all of your hard work.


Remove Stains, Mold and Algae Disappear


When cleaning your patio screen enclosure, you’ll probably detect mold on the screen of your patio screen enclosure. Moldy screen enclosures need a few improvements in cleaning strategies. Moisture, pollen, and spores occasionally combine that causes mold or algae development, and other substances can stain your screen enclosure. Don’t give up if these persistent stains withstand your first screen enclosure cleaning attempts. Include vinegar in your arsenal. Scrub the troublesome areas with a 50/50 mixture of hot water and vinegar using a brush or sponge. Then, washing thoroughly with your garden hose is recommended. To counteract any touch from the vinegar, soak any plants in the vicinity thoroughly.


Is the scent of vinegar causing your nose to wrinkle? Don’t be concerned. It will go away when the treated area dries.


Bring out the bleach if the vinegar cleaning solution doesn’t seem to be working or if you want to go right to the tough stuff. Bleach may occasionally discolor metal and is extremely harsh on skin, so proceed with caution. Wear gloves to protect your hands while you gently scrub the discolored areas with the mixture made of 3 parts water and 1 part bleach. If the issue persists, you should look for a professional firm that provides screen cleaning services.


Regular Maintenance and Cleaning of Pool Enclosures


Maintaining patio and pool enclosures sanitary is more than just aesthetics. When regular cleaning becomes a routine, you prevent the development of mold, fungus, lichen, and algae that endanger the overall health of you and your family.


When there are screen enclosures issues left untreated, certain contaminants can result in skin allergies, respiratory problems, and other severe health complications.


Monitor the Pool Water Quality


Constant pool cleaning is a separate thing from screen enclosure maintenance. It’s always essential to survey the pH levels in your pool, add necessary chemicals, and normally secure clear and safe water quality.


Inappropriate pool keeping can usually sacrifice the cleanliness and quality of your pool enclosure. When uncertain about executing a DIY pool screen enclosure cleaning, it’s savvy to contact a professional and certified company that can deal with patio and screen pool enclosure cleaning and maintenance.


Consider Replacing Your Patio and Pool Screen Enclosure


Screen enclosures can be susceptible to several issues like fading over time by many elements or your current pool cage needs more than just a repair. It’s a lot better to invest in an excellent aluminum pool enclosure with durable materials that will last for years.


Trust the Best Pool and Screen Enclosure Company in Naples, Florida


If issues persist concerning your patio and pool screen enclosures, you may want to hire a proficient company like Aluminum Master LLC that performs ideal screen cleaning services.


Our company has been operating in the industry for 20 years now. At Aluminum Master LLC, our task is to continuously deliver quality service and budget-friendly at the same time. Our experts are highly trained professionals with years of experience in the field. The success of our business is due to the commitment we provide to our valued clients.


Reach out to a screen enclosure specialist like Aluminum Master LLC. We are the leading contractor of screen enclosures in Naples, Marco Island, Golden Gate, and South Bonita, FL.

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