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Pediatric Education Network (PEN) is an organization dedicated to providing quality education to children and their families, regardless of race, religion, or financial status. The goal of the organization is not only to increase learning opportunities for these children, but also to encourage the parents of these children to become actively involved in their child’s education so that both parties can effectively prepare themselves for the future.

What is pediatric education?

Educating children about wellness and providing them with tools to lead a healthy lifestyle is essential. There are many ways in our society that we have forgotten the importance of teaching the importance of staying safe, productive, and having fun. One way to help provide quality education for our children is through Pediatric Education Network (PEN). PEN focuses on inspiring and motivating children to live healthy lives.

Why does it matter?

As parents and caregivers, it is our responsibility to ensure that the quality of education for our children is the best that it can be. How do we provide quality education? We get involved in the process! Pediatrician Gaurav Bansal from NJ Pediatric Group shares his thoughts on how you can best involve yourself in your child's education and make a difference. Participating in your child's school activities is one way to educate yourself about what he or she needs academically.

What are the challenges in educating our children?

Most often the challenges of educating our children are not so much found in what we teach, but how we teach. We all know that there are many benefits to a good education, and that it is possible to teach almost anything with quality teaching. However, as a society our children's access to quality education has decreased. One contributing factor is that many schools are struggling financially and may have to cut back on teachers or buy lower quality materials which will have an effect on their curriculum and educational outcomes.

What services does PEN provide?

PEN is a not-for-profit organization providing quality education to the healthcare providers of tomorrow. PEN provides the only pediatric emergency medicine residency training program in the United States and has recently increased capacity to include two additional programs, neonatal and cardiology residencies. With our commitment to preparing tomorrow's physicians with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes to successfully care for children and their families, we work collaboratively with stakeholders in order to increase access to high quality educational opportunities across the continuum of pediatric care.


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