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Pet Rabbits Can Poop A Lot

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One characteristic of rabbits that everyone must be aware of is their high metabolism. You might think that this happens because they eat heavy meals during mealtime. However, that is not the case. They prefer to eat small amounts of food a few times every day. It is possible to see them always eating now and then. This is why they also need to eliminate their body wastes more often.

Pooping is a natural process that all living organisms undergo. Regarding rabbits, you should always ensure that the area where you put their cage is wipeable. If they poop in their cage, it will be easier to clean it. When they get out of their cage, it is your sign that they need to poop. You can direct them where to do it or block the way to your living room to prevent them from staining your home furniture.

Your vet Seminole, FL can enlighten you about important health issues that can affect your pet.


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