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Rats are easy to train pets because they are intelligent. It is easy to teach them a trick, especially while young. Aside from tricks, it is also ideal to teach a rat how to socialize at a young age. This way, he will not be provoked or exhibit undesirable behaviors when exposed to a crowd. 


Rats and mice have some similarities. One is their nocturnality. If you want to catch your rat during his most active hour, you must stay up late at night. He still has active moments during the day, but there are more at night because he’s nocturnal. 

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Another fact you must know about rats is their low risk of causing allergies among humans. Now, don’t wonder why much allergic pet owners choose to adopt pocket pets or rats when they are diagnosed with cat allergy or other allergies involving common pets. 


The average life expectancy for rats is 2 to 3 years. However, this can shorten or lengthen, depending on how much care a rat receives. Rats are prone to conditions like cancer, so regular veterinary check-ups are essential. When a rat receives sufficient care, he thrives well inside the family and radiates the energy of being a good pet.

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