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Adobe has been heavily criticized for all the missing desktop features in the Photoshop app for iPad. Photoshop for desktop has been a godsend for the editors, photographers and graphic designers. It has a history that goes back decades in the past, so the software at present is a result of decades of years of work in progress. The desktop version has tons of substantial, effective and efficient tools which helps the editors use their imagination freely.

To expect that Adobe will ever bring all the desktop features to the iPad is a bit naive. But still, there were tons of tools that were very useful but unavailable on the iPad app. In the recent updates, Adobe has added two new features, namely the Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas. Both of these features are core desktop features and very useful. But what do these features do and what is so special about them?

The refine edge brush is a very efficient tool for the selection of fur and hair edges with a higher degree of accuracy. The feature becomes even more crucial for the editors as there is no other way of doing what it does. The feature is very unique and irreplaceable. To make sure that the tool gives the same outcome as the desktop, there has been a simplification of the interface, to make its use with touch controls is effective, and it gives the desired result. It is excellent news for the photographers as they make use of this feature a lot.

The second big addition in the iPad version of Photoshop has been the Rotate Canvas feature. This is just as crucial for the painter as the refined edge brush has been for photographers. Moreover, it lets the user rotate the canvas by selecting and twisting with two fingers. Canvas rotation helps the painter to paint and sketch at different angles as they wish, making their work easier.

The new updates have sparked new hope in photographers, editors, painters and graphic designers that Adobe will slowly add more desktop features to the iPad version. Adobe has not officially made any statement regarding their future outlook for Photoshop for iPad, so it is not certain how frequently they will be adding desktop features. But it seems likely that they will add some features for iPad from time to time.

Source :- https://my-blogsearch.com/photoshop-for-ipad-gets-new-desktop-features/


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