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Photoshop vs CorelDraw – What is the main differences?

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In this creative world of designing, there are many software which are used in the designing field for editing, manipulating, arranging, and creating styles. All applications have their different features and elements for the production in industry.  As a graphic designer you have to need a good command on the all main software for the work, and the Adobe photoshop and corel draw both applications are used by the professionals for both graphic and web designing. They both have their different designing prospective in creativity. The creation and manipulation of images is made simple for web designers by these software tools. Let's compare them

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop, created by Adobe Systems for the both Mac and Windows operating systems, It is a raster based which one of the most creative and feature-rich image editing software programmes. It is a fantastic programme made specifically to advance your abilities in picture editing and motion graphics and for graphic also used by Professional photographers and graphic designers are the main users. It has acquire into one of the most functional editing programmes available in the designing field. Master this amazing application by learning from experts at Photoshop institute in Rohini.


It is a vector Based software that is used for designing and manipulating vector that can be used in many file formats for exporting, and for printing. Which was developed by the corel corporation. It is mainly used for the business purpose like logo, business cards, posters, banners, illustrations etc. It have budget friendly subscription that you got from official website of corel draw. It is used to modify and changed the shapes, size, colour and position. You can easily get your hands set on this vector tool by learning it from the professionals with CorelDraw course in Rohini.

Difference between both Phtotoshop VS Corel Draw:

1. Photoshop is a raster based software which was used for Image editing and manipulating in a pixel form, where corel draw is a vector based software which can create and edit vector form images. To learn designing you can go for the best institute for graphic designing in Delhi.

2. Photoshop was developed by the adobe incorporation in 1990 by Thomas and john knoll and has extended version of it. And corel draw was developed by the corel corporation in 1989 by Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne which was based on corel Graphics suite.

3. Photoshop is a pixel based software and working with seperate layers for editing and manipulating images. Where corel is vector form working on a single workspace, with multiple pages in a singe file.

4. Photoshop is mainly used for photo editing, retouching, layer styling with special effects on images and text and manipulating in a creative design, while Corel Draw is used for graphic, and working on vector based illustrations and images with basic shape tools and effects, for business use.

5. Adobe Photoshop is the world leading application for the designing industry and for editing and recreating the images to the next creative level. And corel Draw is a graphic suite software used for printing and huge quantity work load for the company.

6. Photoshop provides 3D effects also and rendering feature for that project, while corel Draw dont’t have any 3D feature for the projects.

7. Photoshop is much expensive application for the designing because it has high quality work frame as compare to corel draw it is cheaper than photo shop.

8. Photoshop is also used for web designing for digitally posters, banners, and web banners for the websites, but corel not provide any web file format for designing.

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As a Designer you have to know both and work friendly with both the applications and, they both are best in their field of designing and editing and having many common features and tools for designing, interface is also good of both application and easy to handle but Adobe photoshop is more friendly and have many easy commands to work. Photoshop is mainly used for the designers, motion graphic and for professional photographers to editing photos, and corel is for making illustrations and artwork in designing field with a mathematical equation, so its upon you to chose the application for your work according to your project. 

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