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Physics Wallah: India’s 101st Unicorn

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Physics Wallah: India’s 101st Unicorn

Alakh Pandey launched the Edtech Startup Physics Wallah in the year 2017. It's an Online Learning Platform that offers quality education opportunities with a reasonable cost. For students from grades 6-12 The company offers classes and solutions to a wide range of subjects for JEE and NEET as well as other entrance examinations. Lectures that are recorded and live, session with questions and answers, exams, and organized materials help students evaluate their own progress making use of Physics Wallah.

Today, Physics Wallah, which was initially an YouTube channel has supervised more than 6 million students and has more than 13,700 videos available on its website. Physics Wallah has established a good reputation with hundreds of students through providing both free and paid classes.

The company was transformed into a “Unicorn”

Edutech company Physicswala is now one of the 101st Unicorn Company of India. This company was the first edtech company in India to earn this distinction in the Series A financing. Physicswala was started in the name of Alakh Pandey, a tuition teacher from Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, six years ago in in a tiny room. The company's current valuation is the sum of Rs 777 crore. Alakh Pandey wanted to become an actor as a child, but fate had a different plan in his head. His company now employs 1,900 employees, including the 500 teachers as well as 90 to 100 tech experts. Alakh Pandey i.e. Physicswala His company, advertising firm Physicswala is now included within the list of unicorn companies of the nation.

Alakh Pandey, Founder, and Director of Physicswala Alakh Pandey used to earn just Rs 5,000 per month. Today, he's the sole owner of the edtech firm Physicswala, one of the 101st Unicorn company in the nation. Additionally, it is the first company in India to meet its objective to become a unicorn using only Series A funding. We will tell you that unicorns are businesses whose value is greater than 1 billion dollars.

Alakh Pandey's business Physics Wallah has raised around $100 million (Rs 777 crore) from Westbridge and GSV Venturesduring Series A financing. It was worth $1.1 billion in this round. The reason for this success could be in the character to Alakh Pantdey. in a recently-aired interview Pandey said that he can't conduct business that does not bring in profits.

Affected by a variety of difficulties

Alakh who studied engineering is now a model of others in the field of education. Considering the difficulties he faced was not something he wanted to see to see the same issue occur to others, and so Alakh is helping to make the lives for others to follow in the field of education now. Alakh had to face a number of challenges in his studies. In fact, he was forced to contend with financial issues during his engineering studies and due to this, his house was sold. Alakh claims that after the house was sold due to a lack of funds, the family was forced to relocate to a new location. Alakh had realized in his college and school days that he needed to assist students to learn in the future. In 2015, Alakh came back to Prayagraj after finishing his studies. Here, began a coaching program and then he started an YouTube channel.

In 2017

After having completed his 12th grade from Bishop Johnson School and College in 2010 he was admitted to B.Tech in HBTI Kanpur. Pandey finished the course of his BTech in HBTI Kanpur in 2015 and was able to begin teaching at the same institution. After creating videos of classes, Pandey began uploading them to YouTube. The ‘Physicswala' channel began as a YouTube channel in. It is highly regarded by those who are preparing for examinations for competitive examinations. As the number of viewers and subscribers began to increase on YouTube and the site, he decided to put all of his energy into uploading and producing videos for lectures. For the next three years, he continued to upload free videos to YouTube. in the Corona period, he prepared the application in light of the difficulties faced by kids who were preparing for the JEE-NEET. He began offering online instruction for very low costs. Students who are studying for competitive exams particularly NEET are enthralled by his method of teaching Physics. He teaches physics to kids in a manner that they gain a deeper understanding about the topic. Teachers are often advised students to view their videos at colleges.

What is it? Physicswala became a hit

His ability to tackle complicated questions in Physics as well as Chemistry quickly and easily teach students how to be students made him a popular choice for the. You can gauge how popular Alakh is based on the fact that as of now 69 lakh users have signed up to his Physicswala YouTube channel and 50 thousand applications downloaded. Every day, six thousands of people are using his application. Alakh was offered a package for the year of 4 crore rupees by Unacademy however he declined the offer down.

In the year 2020 Alakh Pandey got Physicswala registered under the Companies Act. The channel is now an entity. Prateek Maheshwari who studied Engineering during his time at the IIT BHU was also a part of the team. After Prateek was appointed the new CEO, Alakh completely froze in academics. The popularity of the company grew, and the company is now an organization that has a net worth that is $ 1.1 billion. The company has risen to the rank of 101 when it comes to being listed among the country's unicorn companies. These startups are referred to as unicorns, whose valuation is at 1 billion dollars.

Alakh Pandey had told that the company will never stop trying to prevent investors from investing into his business because by doing so tuition fees could need to be increased to get the money. But, in the present, Alakh Pandey has brought a modification to this strategy. According to Physicswala the company, he intends to make use of the money to expand the business, brand and opening additional Physicswala Learning centers, and creating new courses.

Mobile App was developed in the Corona period.

Following that, Alakh Pandey continued to upload lectures similar to hers on YouTube for three consecutive years. Afterwards, the mobile application was created to address the issues of students studying to take NEET or JEE in the Corona period, when online coaching was offered for minimal cost. The app was able to help facilitate

Claim to make 10 thousand students successful

According to the company, during the academic session 2020-2021 the students who have received instruction from Physicswala have passed the engineering and medical exams. According to the claims of the company about one-in six of medical students and one of 10 engineering students in the country are enrolled with the company. The company has earned a profit since its beginning in the year 2020. The year 2020-21 it's turnover business was 24.52 crores, of which the profit was 6.93 crores. After having two crore transactions in 2021-22, the business has established a target of 5 crores in this fiscal year.

It was awarded from YouTube in The Gold Play Button Award

Alakh taught a new concept to the masses by posting videos on the platform. The children began reading on YouTube to read, and then began learning on the internet. Because of this, they began to gain. They began learning more on the internet. In the present, where millions and even lakhs of rupees are taken away from students to fund coaching, and students who aren't financially secure, their dreams are lost and there's an instructor who fulfills students' dreams by providing free coaching. They are trying to achieve this. It's true, Alakh Pandey has become famous for his role as the Internet Guru in the present. Children today are fascinated by his expertise. He is famous not just across India but also in other countries outside India by offering free instruction in the fields of Physics as well as Chemistry. Presently, with the help of Physics Wallah Live Class on his YouTube channel, he is able to attract subscribers that are not only from India but as well those from Bangladesh, Nepal and Saudi Arabia including Pakistan. Alakh was given his Gold Play Button award by YouTube and this award is awarded to the channel with at the minimum of one million subscribers and one of them was Alakh Pandey. He was awarded YouTube's highly sought-after “Gold Play Button at the age of 26 . At the time, his subscriber count was more than 10 million. He currently has 62.5 million customers.

The Success is attained through hard work

The recognition earned by Alakh Pandey has got was not an easy task. He has been working hard, and today he has gained a lot of attention due to his teaching method and an easy to understand style. However, there was a point when Pandey had to sell his home due to the bad financial situation of the house. Then he saw how costly it was to coach. After having completed B.Tech His sole purpose was to aid students. He then decided to start the YouTube channel. He was able to upload videos about Physics along with Chemistry. There is no work done without a lot of effort. Alakh requires about six hours to create the 40-50 minutes video. And while you're making a film, you have to be able to anticipate students might be able to ask. So you need to be prepared for these too. Logging onto the website Physics Wallah, you also offer services such as Notes books, Notes, and free tests. Additionally, they have a website which contains sections related to the course, Alakh says that all the issues I encountered in the course, I attempt to resolve by using the YouTube channel I have created.


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