Instagram is the most preferred social networking site worldwide, attracting a huge fan base. And many times, users want a sneak peek into other Instagram profiles, track their followers or download content without logging into Instagram accounts.

This is where Picuki comes, a tool for Instagram that allows viewing and even downloading photos anonymously.  And in fact, you probably would've heard about Picuki quite often if you already knew about Instagram.

But what does Picuki do, and why is it so much hyped? In this article, we will discuss what Picuki does for you and why Picuki is an excellent tool for your Instagram.

What Is Picuki?

Does this ever occur to you that you like the content on Instagram so much that you want to download or save it to your phone gallery? Well, yes, many times.

And for these times and many other advantages, Picuki, an internet-based app, has been introduced as an IG viewer and editor for Instagram users. 

The app is freely available for all people worldwide using iOS, Android, or Windows, allowing them to log in to their accounts without going through the sign-in procedure.

The advantage of accessing your account without signing in is that hackers can't access your data, leaving you tension free.

Picuki For Instagram


Its most attractive feature allows one to explore, discover and download photos, videos and captions. It also enables the users to view the list of their followers and check and explore popular hashtags, Instagram stories, etc.

With a simple search bar, you can search for the person or business name you're looking for, and you will get accurate results with Picuki.

Not only does it give easy access to Instagram content without logging in, but it also provides easy downloading and editing of photos and videos.

And even though it's impossible to enjoy social media services without owning an account, tools like Picuki and its alternatives have changed that. 

How Does It Work For Instagram?

The app has several ways it can be used; however, the most used is via its integrated search engine, where you can browse Instagram profiles, posts, and photos by searching the username.

You can even search for the tags or directly the name; however, searching for the username works most efficiently. 

Steps to get started on Picuki:

  • Open a web browser app on your mobile or system, and enter: 
  • As the Picuki website opens, you will see the Picuki search bar, where you need to enter the username of the account you want to view.
  • After hitting the search button, you will see numerous resembling usernames; select the one you are looking for. 
  • Now, as you find the Instagram profile you were looking for, click on that. In their Instagram profile, you can see the latest posts. 
  • Come to the bottom and click on the “load more” option to view more posts.
  • Now you can hit the “Edit button” to edit a posted image or the “Download button” to download the posted image/video.
Picuki For Instagram

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Picuki? 

Whereas Picuki has some more advantages to look up to, it also has some limitations. In this section, we will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of Picuki.


  • Anonymity is one of the greatest advantages you get with Picuki. It means that neither the profile owner nor the developers will get to know that you are going through someone's profile, reading their content, or downloading it. 
  • Ease of downloading the content is another benefit you will get using this tool. Picuki gives you the facility of downloading images or videos for free. 
  • As you download the photos, you get the editing feature, letting you crop, put the stickers, borders, filters, etc. 
  • Provides quick access to explore trending Instagram posts by profile names, tags, and location. 
  • Picuki enables users to track their followers and competitors on any social media account. It helps in researching what your followers like and what content you can provide them to get the leads. 
  • It has an easy-to-use interface that allows smooth navigation throughout website usage.


  • As Picuki is gaining popularity, there are high chances one may encounter errors often. However, start clearing your browser's history and cache, then restart the application to fix this issue. 
  • Picuki shows only those profiles which are not private. So you can only view and save those stories and posts set to the public. 
  • Picuki doesn't allow users to follow the Instagram account, like and leave a comment on Instagram posts, and prohibits watching Instagram live streams.
  • You might have to compromise a bit when it comes to downloading content of top quality. 

Is It Safe To Use Picuki?

If you are using Picuki in your browser to view Instagram profiles, you must have wondered if this is safe. The answer is yes; it is completely safe and legal.

Even though the app is free, it lets you download the posts without leaving any footprints on other' ’s profiles. You can also save the posts or profile to view later and browse the profiles of your choice. 

Picuki is completely legal, and its services are secure to be used, so you don't have to worry about your details being on the stack as it maintains full anonymity. However, the legal terms for downloading content from Instagram on Picuki may differ in other countries. 


Picuki is a no-cost web application used mainly for Instagram. It allows you to download photos and videos from any Instagram profile.

For many people who want to explore Instagram without revealing their identity, Picuki can be the best tool to glance at their desired Instagram profiles without leaving their footprints behind. 

It has also acquired the trust of so many users worldwide, leaving no room for doubt on why Picuki shouldn't be used. No wonder why Picuki is chosen over its other competitors.


What is Picuki?

Picuki is a Free online website that enables users to go through Instagram profiles.
This app has features like a photo editor and download of the content that allows editing the photos and downloading of the content from any public Instagram profile. 
It's a unique tool that every Instagram account user would want to use because of its simplicity, easy-to-use interface, and ability to remain anonymous. 

How does Picuki work?

Picuki is simple to use; the steps to get started with Picuki are as follows:
Go to your browser on your phone or desktop.
– Enter the name Picuki in the browser.
– Open the Picuki website, At the home page; you will see the search bar.
– Enter the username, person's name, or hashtag to find the profile you want to view.
– You will see several similar profiles; make sure you are selecting the one you were looking for. 
– You can select the profile, browse through the posts and click on the download option after clicking on the photo. 
– While your photo is downloaded, you can edit the image you are downloading before you save it to your phone gallery. 

Why is Picuki not working?

Since Picuki is gaining lots of attention due to its quite the opposite nature from Instagram, it is being used by many users all at once.
The simultaneous activity and heavy traffic on this website are creating many problems, such as loading problems, malfunctioning editor features, or the website not opening. All this is happening because the servers are continuously busy.
However, one can fix this problem by clearing up the cache and then restarting the app Or clearing the browser cache and restarting the website. 

What are ten alternatives to Picuki?

1. StreamFab: You may download Full HD films and high-quality music from your preferred streaming services, such as Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more, using StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader.
2. In flact: This all-purpose Instagram downloader was developed specifically to quickly and easily download the highest-caliber Instagram content. This service's simplicity and high-quality downloads are what make them so magical.
3. SmiHub: Smihub is the tool to use if you wish to view someone's Instagram content in high resolution and privacy. On their website, downloading films, pictures, stories, highlights, and more is free and simple.
4. Gramhir: With the help of Gramhir, you can browse any profile on Instagram and evaluate it. Additionally, it can make it very simple for you to download any Instagram profile's photos or videos.
5. InstaDP: You may download Instagram content such as profile images, videos, reels, stories, and highlights with the free all-in-one programme InstaDP.
6. Instaxyz: Instaxyz is a quick and safe Instagram Web Viewer. You can examine all content, statistics, and comments while browsing through all Instagram profiles and hashtags.
7. Fullinsta DP: Users can view Instagram photographs in their entirety with the Fullinsta DP. This tool also allows you to download the Display image from all public accounts. 
8. StoriesDown: You may see and download any Instagram video, photograph, story, or highlight for nothing by using the StoriesDown web tool.
9. IGlookup: Without following the user, you may check on any Instagram profile and view their photographs and videos with IGlookup. It is extremely simple, and no requirement for software download.
10. Watchinsta: It has never been easier to examine a private Instagram account; but Watchinsta makes it possible. Watchinsta is a site with an online tool that lets you view the videos and images of any Instagram profile.

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