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Any smoker, novice, or self-proclaimed stoner has their favorite way of consuming weed or other cannabis products. Whether you’ve stuck with your traditional ways of smoking or like to try something new now and again. Everyone has their own ways of smoking cannabis, and it could be for a number of reasons. One, it could be for convenience, could be the way you’ve smoked for years, or maybe you’re even trying to get into something new.

There are so many different ways for you to consume or smoke weed that it can get a bit complicated or overwhelming; causing you to stick with what you know. But when it comes to hobbies, like smoking weed, it’s always fun to branch out and try different things within that hobby. Who knows, you may be within reach of a brand new way of smoking that you’ll love!

But how do you even make the switch? For example, let’s say you’ve stuck with smoking joints for most of your smoking journey. If you’re tired of constantly rolling your own joints and want something that will give you a more streamlined process, then maybe it’s time to try a glass piece.

A glass piece is any kind of smoking device that is made of glass. Things like bongs, pipes, water pipes, bowls, and dab rigs are all considered glass pieces. But what’s the difference between them and which ones are better to use? Are there smoking devices that are better compared to other smoking devices?

Read on to find out more about the difference between certain glass pipes and bongs.

The Difference Between Glass Pieces
A classic example of a glass piece and something easy to use to smoke out of is a pipe. When stepping into any smoke shop or head shop, you’ll most likely find all pipes made of borosilicate glass, making it the safest and cleanest material to smoke out of. Pipes are much smaller in size compared to that of a bong. They’re much more portable and more convenient to smoke out of whether you’re on the go or you’d rather just smoke out of something smaller.

Now, when it comes to a bong, this is also one of the most popular ways that people have smoked back years ago and now in modern day. Again, bongs can be made of any material, but most commonly glass. Bongs consist of a chamber with some sort of vertical tube that can be filled with water and a small bowl on the side of it to hold the weed.

Pipes and bongs work a bit differently because bongs are quite larger than pipes, hold water, and cannot usually be used on the go. Bongs have water in them in order for the water to cool down the smoke before you inhale it.

The downsides to both of these smoking methods is that pipes, since they are smaller, create a hotter and more intense smoke, which could result in an ashy inhale, which wouldn’t be the most pleasant experience. On the other hand with bongs, bong water can be notoriously smelly and you wouldn’t want to accidentally drink or spill any on your carpet.

Sometimes, those types of things are inevitable when owning glass! Finding a new way of smoking, whether that be through a pipe or bong or any of the other methods out there, can be a fun and new way to experiment and see what you like and don’t like.

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