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Pisces Sign Personality Traits & More

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The gentlest, and romantic type of persons that you get to see are most likely to be Pisces people. A Pisces woman loves thought provoking conversations. She is a little less practical when it comes to display of romance. Most emotional of all signs, Pisces are intuitive and their idea of a partner is  a soul match that is born for them.   They are your good Samaritans in distress, if they happen to be your friend.  Carefree and casual and the right shoulders you can pick to cry on.  They are not judgmental, nor they dominate your conversations. They are highly understanding of how you feel and they can go with the flow.  These are the typical Pisces Personality traits.

What Are The Ways To Employ To Attract A Pisces Man?

Pisces are attracted to display of gentleness and they like it if you are sensitive and showcase your vulnerability. He does not like to see his partner flaunt her status or job; instead, he looks forward to meeting his soul match.  They are these outbursts of creativity which they look forward in partners as well. Accepting his friends and family and respecting the Pisces for what they are, gets you closer to them. Pisces have a homely behaviour and may not be the exact showman who lightens everyone’s mood in a group. You love his family and he loves you back. Be generous towards him. Your gesture should be genuine and not forced. These are your preparations that you need to understand how to attract the Pisces Man or Woman.

How Do You Attract A Pisces Woman?

Her fantasies need to addressed in the right way. Pisces appreciate someone who is on the traditional side, humble and sweet in nature. They need to be reassured that they are in safe hands with you as their partner. Comfort them when they need it and cheer them when they are feeling low. Give her meaningful gifts and never let her down by keeping things to yourself. Be totally transparent in your dealings with her.  Now you know how to attract the Pisces Man or Woman.

How Is Pisces As A Partner?

Their love runs deep and their deep empathy creates a strong bond. You are in a relationship that swings in extremes, emotion wise. But you will emerge as a better version of yourself after all the exercise. Pisces expects their partner to put his/her best foot forward every time and give their best to the relationship. But they are not pushing you away by this act. Pisces as a Partner is a welcome package any time.

How Could Be Pisces As A Friend?

They are actually introverted but they love the crowds, the gatherings, the parties etc.  They may not be extroverted to the extent you want them to be, but can come up with a beautiful response when you ask them to contribute to the conversation. A pisces can be the best boost for your levels of confidence if you need some creative push from their side. Pisces as a friend, can be a saviour for life.

What Are The Pisces Careers?

Pisces can be the ideal Photographer, a creative arts professional, recruiter, Registered Nurse Practitioner, and bartender. They are chiefly into arts, acting, painting, sculpting, or writing. Any career along these lines befit a Pisces like second skin. They can be perfect in personal relationships and the careers that expect this skill. Pisces careers can be very interesting.


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What Are The Dominant Pisces Qualities?

They can merge their identities into the kind of crowd they are in.  Abundant intuition, bright imagination, and an ability for empathy, interest in human relationships, their creative abilities, demarcate them from the rest of other signs. They are such gifted readers of human nature with such a delicate health, that they often employ escapism, over indulgence and alcohol as a shield to protect them from the challenges of life that have to be faced.  It takes an empathetic attitude to understand the Pisces qualities.

How Is The Year For Pisces At A Glance 2023

You should introspect on the right way to do things at work. Things will turn out to be favourable for you this year. With influx of money through additional sources of income, you will be richer this year. However as Saturn makes an appearance, you will visibly slow down, with respect to career. You need to plan your life and go accordingly.

Second half of the year will see you shifting your attention back on your health. Be patient as planet Jupiter will bring an end to your chronic illness. With Rahu transit in at the end of the year to your sign, you may grow aloof about your partner. Love life will be more of turmoil and strife. The ups and downs will straighten out eventually with planetary interference although from time to time, there may be difficulties.  You have been a great fighter so far. Keep it up and keep fighting. This is Pisces Horoscope 2023.

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