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In astrology, thoughtful Neptune ruled Pisces soulmates love being in love. Those who have birthdays between February 19th and March 20th can consider themselves a person who possesses this star sign and a Pisces empathic nature.

According to astrology and the cosmos, those with a Pisces sign have big hearts, fall in love at first sight (it’s true!), and tend to stay in relationships well past their expiration dates.

Unfortunately, for a Pisces soulmate, finding love can be challenging because your sign often finds love with the wrong person, which can lead to many a heartbreaking and fleeting relationship.

If you have recently been looking for a soulmate that you can form a lasting spiritual connection with that will allow you to experience personal growth, happiness, and a strong emotional connection, we can help.

In our article, we will discuss everything you need to know about being a Pisces soulmate. We’re also going to discuss Pisces soulmate compatibility so that you have a better chance of finding a romantic partner that is wholly compatible with your Pisces personality.

Additionally, we have gone a step further to ensure you find love by speaking about the star sign soulmates you need to avoid and where you’re likely to find your soulmate.

Pisces: A Very Brief History Into This Water Sign

Before we can have a closer look into what you need to know about what a Pisces soulmate is, you must understand the brief history of how the Pisces zodiac sign came to be.

Interestingly, in Greek mythology, Pisces is represented by a fish symbol. It is believed that these two fish were Aphrodite and Eros, who were turned into two fish by Zeus to escape Typhon.

According to historical accounts, many believe that the Pisces fish were placed in the sky as a constellation by the Greek goddess Athena.

Now that you know more about the history of the Pisces zodiac sign, we can delve into what exactly a Pisces soulmate is. If you know more about how you are as a soulmate, you will better understand why you’re more compatible with some signs than others.

What Is A Pisces Soulmate? Personality Profile

It’s finally time to determine what a Pisces soulmate is to begin your journey to finding an individual with whom you can have a natural and intuitive partnership. At heart, Pisces men and women want to have a relationship knowing deep inside that the person they are with is their prince or princess charming.


Unfortunately, this means that you’re likely to disregard a person’s bad character if you believe yourself to be in love with them. This means that you need to avoid getting involved with star signs (more on this later) who will take advantage of your free-loving nature.

As a Pisces soulmate, you need to find a suitable partner who will dream their heart out alongside you if you want to have a long-lasting relationship.

Additionally, because you’re naturally creative and one of the most artistic signs in the zodiac, you need to find a partner who will inspire and support you, your dreams, and your ambitions.

It’s also incredibly important that you find someone who understands your psychic perception and doesn’t have a vindictive personality.

With a Pisces soulmate sign, whether you’re a Pisces man or woman, you need someone with the same outlook as you and a discerning character because you enjoy freely sharing ideas and love.

Ultimately, if you can find someone that allows you to daydream and disregard practical concerns, you will likely have a loving relationship.

The Three Zodiac Signs That Are Likely To Be A Pisces’ Soulmate

It might not seem important, but Pisces’ soulmate compatibility shouldn’t be disregarded. Now that you know your Pisces personality profile, it’s time to discuss Pisces soulmate compatibility.

Since your zodiac sign falls in love harder and faster than most, it’s very important that you get involved with someone who possesses a Pisces sign’s undying love of life and love.

We want to help you by showing you the zodiac signs that are most likely to be your soulmate. You can also use our love compatibility report to learn more about Pisces compatibility.

Pisces Soulmate Sign: Taurus Zodiac Sign

According to astrological insights, Taurus is one of the best soulmates for a Pisces zodiac sign. A Pisces feels secure with a Taurus soulmate because this zodiac sign is loyal, dependable, and incredibly romantic.

If you choose a Taurus soulmate, you will never lack comfort, support, or love. A Taurus soulmate has very strong communication skills and has a romantic mindset that ensures you can form a deep emotional connection that is unbreakable.

A Taurus soulmate’s dependable and stoic nature is perfect for a Pisces because these people will provide you with the unshakable stability you need in life. Additionally, even though they are not the head in the clouds types of people, they can be dreamers with the right person.


Another reason why a Taurus soulmate is the ideal match for you is because a Taurus will help you see life in a new light and provide the practical and logical elements to your life that you will need to be successful.

Ultimately, as a Pisces partner, you will provide the love and creativity a Taurus doesn’t know they need while providing you with the emotional connection you crave.

Pisces Soulmate Sign: Cancer Zodiac Sign

Hear us out. We know that a fellow water sign might not be able to provide the stability an earth sign can, but a Pisces and Cancer partnership can provide the trust and intimacy you crave in life.

You could look forward to very strong communication and an almost unbelievable emotional connection with this pairing.

When you choose a Cancer soulmate, you’re allowing yourself to create an emotionally fulfilling union that goes beyond the physical.

With a Cancer soulmate, you will have a mutual understanding. After all, you will have shared values because you both will be creative souls with a strong inclination toward spirituality.

As a Pisces soulmate, you will care for a Cancer and ensure they are always happy. Likewise, a Cancer soulmate will provide the nurturing and empathy you seek to be a successful person.

Pisces Soulmate Sign: Virgo Zodiac Sign

As they say, “opposites attract,” and this saying couldn’t be truer for a Pisces and Virgo soulmate pairing. Even though as a Pisces soulmate, you’re known for your “go with the flow” nature, and a Virgo soulmate is known for their organizational skills and detail-oriented nature, this romantic pairing works surprisingly well.

A Virgo’s impressive earthy nature provides the perfect environment for a Pisces to grow and flourish. In addition to this, as a Pisces soulmate, you create a safe space for a Virgo to learn more about themselves and the path they need to take in life to be successful and obtain their goals and dreams. Quite simply, you’re truly each other’s other half.

Yet, you need to make sure that you both don’t become complacent while in a relationship because willful distance is the surest way to lead to a broken-hearted Pisces.

If you both put in the effort needed to build a solid romantic foundation, you will create a strong emotional connection while building a blissful spiritual connection.

Moreover, since Pisces and Virgo soulmates are known for their giving natures, you will both always put your partner’s needs first. Essentially, this pairing is a well-balanced match, promising safety, love, caring, understanding, and friendship.


The Three Zodiac Signs That A Pisces Soulmate Is Least Likely To Have As A Soulmate

Now that you’re aware of who you’re most likely to be compatible with, it’s time to discuss the three zodiac signs you are least likely to have as a soulmate.

If you’re aware of this, you will have a better chance of staying away from the wrong person and an increased likelihood of finding the most suitable partner.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the zodiac signs you should avoid a lifetime commitment with.

A Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Although a Pisces and a Scorpio are both water signs, this does not make them a match made in heaven. It might be disappointing to learn, but with a Pisces zodiac sign, you need to stay away from becoming involved with a Scorpio.

As water signs, you’re both deeply emotional, and even though this means you both love hard, strong emotions from both partners can create a toxic relationship.

Not only will your judgment be clouded, but you could end up making a slew of bad decisions that could negatively affect your personal life and your love life.

Additionally, as a Pisces soulmate, you are nowhere near as intense as a Scorpio. This could cause disruptions in ways you could never predict, which is why a Scorpio soulmate is not advisable.

An Aries Zodiac Sign

We know it can be tempting for a Piscean soulmate to seek out an Aries soulmate, but this romantic union is tempting fate and not in a good way.

As a Pisces zodiac sign, you’re a soft and receptive person with very strong communication skills, while an Aries soulmate possesses a fierce and passionate combative nature.

In addition to this, an Aries’ aggressive and competitive nature can overwhelm you and cause you to doubt your beliefs, and stunt your creativity.

Moreover, you would be easily taken advantage of with an Aries soulmate because they would manipulate your romantic needs and put themselves first. An Aries soulmate would also try to make all the decisions in a relationship and ignore your thoughts and suggestions.

Unfortunately, as a Pisces soulmate, you will put out an Aries soulmate’s fire, and an Aries soulmate will make you feel that you aren’t loved enough.

A Libra Zodiac Sign

Usually, a Pisces is incompatible with other zodiac signs because they are too different. Yet the opposite is true with a Libra and Pisces soulmate pairing. A Libra is unlikely to be a Pisces soulmate because these two signs are too similar.

Since you require a partner who can allow you to discover who you are, a Libra won’t be an ideal soulmate candidate. They cannot accommodate your need for self-discovery. This leads to emotional upset and countless misunderstandings, which is not conducive to a long-lasting relationship.

Additionally, Pisces and Libra star signs are known people-pleasers, meaning they are followers rather than leaders. If one partner in the relationship cannot step up and take the lead, there will be stagnation, confusion, and frustration in a relationship which is something you don’t want.

As a Piscean, you also struggle to maintain boundaries, and the same can be said for a Libra. This means that you and a Libra partner are at a higher risk of losing your sense of self with this zodiac soulmate pairing. Ultimately, a Libra person is the wrong partner for you.

Where Can A Person With A Pisces Zodiac Sign Find Their Soulmate?

It might not seem wholly believable, but you are more likely to find your soulmate in certain places than others.

For example, as a Piscean, you’re far more likely to find your soulmate while you’re at the beach meditating or frolicking in the waves. This is because the beach is a natural setting, and as such, it will attract those who have a passion for nature which you share.

In addition to the beach, you are also more likely to find your soulmate at the theater because of your dreamy and creative nature. Those who share a passion for the theater are more likely to be compatible with a Pisces soulmate which is why you have a better chance of finding your soulmate in this setting.

Lastly, as a Piscean soulmate, online dating is one of the most convenient places you can look for your soulmate where you’re likely to succeed. Since you can be shy, online dating provides you with the perfect opportunity to search for a soulmate without putting yourself on display in a physical setting.

However, if you choose to use an online dating app method to find your soulmate, you need to be wary of finding a pretentious person who lies about their true self.

What Is The Age A Pisces Is Most Likely To Meet Their Soulmate?

You might not have been aware of this, but astrologically speaking, there is an ideal age for a person to find their soulmate according to their zodiac sign. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can only find your soulmate at that age.


In astrology, it’s been determined that the Pisces soulmate age is 19. When you’re 19 years old, you’re most likely to find your soulmate. However, if you are older than 19, fear not, because there is always a chance that you will find your true soulmate in this lifetime, no matter your age.

Additionally, as long as you seek a soulmate for the right reasons and with a deeper understanding, you will find love. The more earnest your search, the more likely it’s not just a fleeting relationship but one that will last longer than even a lifetime.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a lifetime with someone who will treasure your presence in their life, you can do so at any age. As long as you are true-hearted, you can find friendship, love, kindness, passion, and commitment, because that’s what a soulmate signifies.

Now You Know Everything You Should About Your Potential Soulmates As A Pisces Soulmate!




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