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Pittsburgh Property Pros: 7 Savvy Steps to House Selling Success

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From the cozy neighborhoods of Brighton Heights to the trendy vibes of New Homestead, the housing scene in Pittsburgh is like a thrilling roller coaster these days. According to the latest Pennsylvania housing market data, homes are having a 45-day adventure on the market in June 2023 – that's a 25% increase compared to last year. Prices are having a dip, the number of homes up for grabs is rising, and, well, houses are taking their sweet time before waving goodbye.

But hey, if you're on a mission of “I want to sell my house fast in Pittsburgh,” brace yourself. We've got some cool options up our sleeve!

List Your Property With A Full-Service Realtor

We do not advise doing so. A substantial real estate commission of 5% to 6% will be required of you, significantly reducing your net earnings. However, go with neighborhood real estate agents if you require assistance at every stage.

Set A Selling Price For Your Pittsburgh House:

A competitive asking price is essential for a quick sale of your house. Finding a list price is simple. Examine the recently sold and active comparable listings in your neighborhood. To determine the precise list price, adjust the price even further. You can set the price of your house up to 10% higher than others in the surrounding area in a hot real estate market. In contrast, in a buyer's market, you should slightly drop your asking price to outbid the competitors.

Offer A Competitive Commission

Consult a local broker to find out the recommended commission to give the buyer agent. Most sellers give buyer brokers a 2.5% commission, but going as high as 3% or 4% may help you sell your home quickly.

Significantly Lower Your Price

I assure you that you cannot change where your home is. However, the cost can be altered. Furthermore, dramatically lowering your price could hasten the process depending on the real estate market state. I'm not referring to a little price modification because you won't gain anything by reducing your price by $5,000 or less.

Offering to Cover Repair Costs:

By doing this, you can sell your house quickly and save time on the negotiation process for the cost of repairs. As an alternative, you may say that the house is being sold “as-is.” In this manner, you can avoid wasting time on repairs while compensating for any costs for maintenance identified during the inspection.

Ready For A Fresh And Improved Way To Sell Your House?

No dealing with pesky banks, no traditional hurdles to jump through, and definitely no digging deep into your pockets. Selling your house to cash home buyers is like a breeze – quick, hassle-free, and cost-effective. Skip the drama of listing with an old-school agent or sweating over renovations. At Sell House Fast Pittsburgh, we buy houses in Pittsburgh for cash. Whether your house is a total fixer-upper or just needs a little love, we're all in. And guess what? You don't need to lift a finger for repairs or renovations. We’re all about convenience, speed, and making your life easier. Pack up your stuff, leave the junk behind, and let us handle the rest.

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The author is a trusted cash home buyer in Pittsburgh that helps people sell their properties swiftly. By choosing them, you can prevent the difficulties and delays involved in customary real estate transactions and profit from a smooth and speedy sale as well as a reasonable cash offer for your home. Visit https://sellhousefastinpittsburgh.com/ for more information.


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