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Muslims across the world come to Makah to perform Umrah's obligation. Many organizations are working to provide cheap Umrah packages Manchester to facilitate the pilgrim. In the holy cities of Makah and Medina, there are several sacred places that Muslims visit after performing Umrah. Most organizers provide a guide for the facility of Ziyarat. Following are some important places to visit in these cities.

First place every pilgrim visits is the Kaaba known as “the house of Allah SWT”. Kaaba is centrally located in Masjif-al-Harm in Makah. Allah commands Ibrahim AS to build Kaaba. From that time Muslims perform Tawaf round the Kaaba and get close to Allah SWT for his blessings.

Jabal-e- Noor:
Jabal-e-Noor is a significant mountain located in Makah. The first verse of the Quran was revealed on this mountain upon Last Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad use to go to a cave for prayer on this mountain. This cave is known as Gar-e-Hira. Angel Jibreel brought Allah’s verses first time to this place.

Mount Arafat:
Mount Arafat is the place where all humankind will get on the Day of Judgment. Pilgrims Hajj gathers here and performs Hajj obligations according to the practice of the last Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Jannat-al- Mualla is one of the oldest graveyards in the country. Many of Prophet Muhammad SAW‘s relatives are buried here. The mother of Prophet SAW, the first wife, and the grandfather Abu-Mutlib’s grave is also in the graveyard.

Masjid Aisha:
Masjid Aisha is the second largest masjid of country. It is 10km away from Masjid-Al-Harm. This Masjid has great significance in history and Islam. During Hajj pilgrims go to Masjid Aisha to wear Ihram.

Site of Badar Battle:
This site reminds the first fight between the Muslims and pagans of Makah. Prophet Muhammad himself participated in this battle with his followers. Many true followers were martyred in this battle then Allah helped Muslims by sending angels.

The Birthplace of Prophet Muhammad SAW:
The birthplace of the last prophet Muhammad SAW is located near Masjid-Al-Haram. Now, this building is transferred into a library. Muslims around the world attract to this place.

The City Of Mina:
The city of Mina is located near to Masjid-Al-Haram. It is also called the city of tents. Pilgrim during hajj days stays here in tents as a ritual of Hajj. More than three million tents accommodate pilgrims from around the world in this city.

The Factory of Kaaba Kiswa Manufacturing:
This factory is allocated about a 17 km drive from Makah central city. More than a hundred workers turn 670kg of pure silk into Kiswa. A special ceremony is held every year where the cover of Kaaba is changed with the new one.

Jabal Thawr Makah:
This Mountain is located south district of Makah. While visiting Makah this place must be visited as our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and his dearest friend Abu Bakr RZ hid there for three days & three nights while escaping from Makah to Medina in a cave.



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