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Plan Your Ladakh Trip 2022

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We see that you’ve clicked on this blog, and that means you’re planning your Ladakh package plan to go to Ladakh soon. Ladakh is the trending destination of 2022 and we can understand why you’ve planned to go to Ladakh this year. But realistically speaking, for many people, Ladakh doesn’t turn out to be as happy and wonderful of an experience as they think of it to be. The reason behind it is simple, and that is opting for a bike trip to Ladakh without much preparation and research.


So, this blog is to help you with basic DO’s and DON’Ts to make your 2022 Ladakh trip the best experience.


  1. Deciding the Route

Ladakh is a destination that is all about its roads. After all, it is always a “Ladakh tour package” and never just a trip to Ladakh. There are various routes of Ladakh from different locations and they all come with their set of difficulties and joys. Capture A Trip provides the Ladakh road trips with four different routes and we’d like you to research thoroughly about each of them and then decide the correct mix of adventure and comfort that a certain route will provide to you. This is the most basic thing that you should keep in mind before planning your Ladakh road trip and a in-depth research is needed for this.


  1. The Right Bike

Definitely deciding the chosen route, the next that should come to ones mind is choosing the right bike. You’ll be travelling through the toughest of roads and choosing the suitable bike for a trip that is 10 days long is a crucial task. There are many bikes available in the market, some of them are Royal Enfield 350C, Enfield Bullet, Pulsar bikes and so much more. Along with available bikes, it is also important to carry the right gears, back rest, ropes to tie your bags from the bike etc. Try to ensure that you carry all the necessary equipments with you and before going on the trip, make sure that your bike is serviced and does not cause you any trouble during your journey.


  1. The Right Season

So, let’s talk the real topic- the best season for travelling to Ladakh. If you’re going on a Ladakh bike trip it is advisable to go for the season of summer I.e Mid-May to Mid-October. In the winter, roads are blocked due to heavy snowfall and are not safe for going on a Ladakh road trip.


  1. Fighting that AMS (Altitude Mountain Sickness)

Dizziness on the curvy roads of Ladakh is very common, but on a long trip it can suck the joy of travelling and exploring out of you. It is always advised to take all your health conditions in mind and carry precautionary medications along with you. Generally Avomine is recommended to fight AMS in the mountains and some other basic medicines like Paracetamol, Crocin and Volini etc are recommended to take along with you.


  1. Say No to Alcohol and Smoking Up

Keep in mind that it is Ladakh and not Manali and Kasol. The roads are 10 times more dangerous and you will not like to take a risk. You should refrain from the consumption of Alcohol and other drugs and should try to be in your senses as much as you can. Instead it is recommended to carry energy drinks and caffeine with you to stay awake and focussed on the road.


These were some of the most important things to keep in mind while you go on your Ladakh group tour. Along with these do not forget to take frequent halts on the way and keep yourself relaxed, carry extra petrol and keep necessary things like some snacks to munch on, band aids, warm clothes handy.


With this, we wish you all the best and enjoy your Ladakh road trip, because as it is said 2022 is the year of LADAKH!!



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