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Before you build a new commercial building or invest in a major commercial renovation, you must first make sure that this is the right move for your business. If it suits your needs and your business goals, increases productivity, or allows the company to take the next step forward and has the financial means, it is the right choice. Now is the time to start the planning and construction process.

Commercial contractors in Edmonton specialize in commercial buildings and repairs. Here are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with commercial construction:

  1. Try to create a budget

The budget for a new commercial construction project is other than a house repair or even a simple commercial renovation in Edmonton. Consider hiring professional help before you sit down and cut only the pieces. There are many factors, circumstances, and details that affect the final cost. More than the cost of materials and labor for a physical building will affect the prices of the site. If you are building in a new part of the city, expect some areas to be more expensive than others. However, a more expensive location may be an initial investment if long-term payments pay off. These are all things that a professional can help you think about.

This may seem overwhelming, but professional help can make the process more enjoyable. A professional can not only help with proper cost planning but can also take other related factors into account. Once you have a budget, take it to your bank, where they will ask for a second expert opinion and check your finances in detail. They will let you know if the price per square foot and the total cost are accurate and fair estimates.

  1. Remember the small details

It's easy to be immersed in a larger image of a new building and exterior details, but don't forget the small details. Things like indoor air quality, good lighting, future maintenance, and safety measures are just as important. Are you planning landscaping around the building? Then don't forget to include it in the design of the building itself. Energy efficiency is another significant feature that you should have not only for the appearance but also for the long-term storage and improvement of your new building. The more detailed and sophisticated your construction plan is now, the less likely it is that it will need to be renovated in a few years. All these details will be included in your final budget.

  1. Start with legal permission

Commercial buildings usually require more permits depending on the type of building and related work. For a new building, a building permit is always required, while a commercial permit such as electricity, piping, or gas depends on the building. Building permits are often also required for new projects or any additions to an existing structure. Waiting at the last minute to apply for or review a building permit poses a real risk of delaying your project. Without all proper permits, the construction team will not be able to begin work. Working with an informed contractor such as Shan Construction, who knows the right permits, can help ensure an overall smoother process. 

  1. Do not neglect professional work

It may be tempting to try to save even more by not hiring specific professionals such as an architect or interior designer, but it's not worth it. For large projects, such as commercial construction, you want every professional to be available to make sure that your completed building is worth every investment.

For example, an architect can help maximize the function and efficiency of a building. Likewise, an interior designer can help choose colors, finishes, and layouts to increase employee productivity. Every professional plays an important role, so you want a good team to support your construction contractors in Edmonton. Thanks to the diverse group, it will also be easier to ensure that all correct applications for commercial building permits are covered.



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