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If you’ve decided to remodel your old and outdated bathroom in house, always go for the services of premium general contractors in your city that have huge project experience. They would guide you through the entire life-cycle of the project. In fact, bathroom remodeling is an excellent return-on-investment (ROI) that can help make your lives easier, comfortable and stylish. It also helps in enhancing storage space and improves energy efficiency to a considerable extent. Here in Alhambra, CA, there are a few renowned home remodelers that are able to redo a bathroom in style, as desired by the client.

An excellent remodeling contractor with all the men and material would help rebuild an old bathroom to premium hotel standards. We’ve listed a few ideas that would help you in your bathroom remodeling plan. Let us go through them, one by one.

Hardware & Fixtures

There’s been a lot of improvement in bathroom fittings & accessories, as a bathroom looks incomplete, without hardware and fixtures. For example, you need to look at the design of the sink, quality of ceramic bath, size of the toilet, tapware and other primary fixtures. You need to think a lot, before installing all these that help enhance the functionality and style of an outdated looking home bathroom.

Shower Enclosures & Bath-Tubs

These are two most important bathroom fittings that every residence wants to have. If it is an old bathroom, there would probably be any one of these fixtures, and that too in a very ‘sorry state’ of affair. So, while you think to remodel your bathroom in Alhambra, CA, you would rather like to install a trendy looking shower, a full glass enclosure for it and an Italian bath-tub that would enhance the overall aesthetics of your bathing space. A stylish shower and bath combination adds a distinct style.

Bathroom Flooring

Well, this is one aspect of home interior renovation that somewhat takes a back seat, when compared to other areas of a house. So, it’s high time you take the aspect of flooring seriously. You can choose between a variety of materials like mosaic, pebbled stone, tiles, marble or plain concrete. Today, you can install slip-resistant and anti-algae formation tiles that last long and look smart. You can go through the benefits of installing tiles or marbles.

Bathroom Storage Space

You need to have an efficient and stylish looking bathroom storage space in the form of wall hung cabinets or ‘under the countertop’ cabinets in wood or ply material. The design should be as such that blends perfectly with the home interior and overall ambiance. And, it should comprise large shelves, apart from cupboards, drawers and wooden armoire.

Lighting or Illumination

Last but not the least, the bathroom should be properly illuminated with LED lights or pendant style lamps with large windows to allow natural light to come-in during the daytime. Thus, reducing the need of artificial lighting in the morning hours. Avoid installing powerful lights, rather go for softer illumination.

This is how you can plan your new bathroom which is lying in neglect for years. Trust me, there are top-rated Alhambra general contractors that can transform your bathing space into modern looking home interiors that would be so inviting and welcoming to all. Even your guests and visitors to home would get a feel of a deluxe hotel upon entering your washroom. This is what an extensive bathroom renovation can achieve.



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