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Nintendo 64 games finally got activated on the Nintendo Switch Online, which was made official recently. The second it was launched, social media flooded with complaints of technical shortcomings, button layouts, and emulation woes. It has raised several questions, such as what are players getting in the return of Online Switch’s latest premiere price grade.

Nintendo announced the ‘Expansion Pack’ in September with a $20 per year Nintendo Switch subscription service. And revealed the prices quietly during the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct. Players will be offered nine N64 games, upcoming ‘Happy Home Paradise,’ and 14 Sega Genesis games in return for a $50 upgrade.

The price doubling factor seemed a bit unreasonable, but at the same time, demands for the game increased. For instance, players showed their particular interest in playing ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ on the portable switches.

To recap a little faster over a week once the prices were revealed, it was pretty clear that ‘The Ocarina of Time’ and other 90’s games are operating a little slower on the modern hardware. A collection of screenshots was shared by Speedrunner ZFG1, which compared some of the game’s factors. Speedrunner ZFG1 compared the game’s infamous Water Temple, covering the original Nintendo 64 games, the latest version of the game, and the Wii U virtual console. When it comes to the switch version, everything is ridiculed, from draw distances and fog to water textures.

On Twitter, players also stated that it might be worse than WiiU VC. There are other speedrunners as well who have been taking the Expansion Pack version of Ocarina to operate. According to a viral clip from MutantAura, it is proof of how fast the game is driving while running around the Kakariko Village until everything crashes together in Nintendo 64 games.

Another clip by Toufool displays various input lags while utilizing the unwired Switch Pro Controller. After initializing a video by GameXplain, it shows how extra frames are required for Link to swing his sword once the button is pressed compared to the previous version.

Additionally, Ocarina of Time is not the only game with issues. The sluggish framerates on startup have also led up to the uncanny intros for the likes of Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64. It is also missing fog when it comes to the latter, which covers uglier aspects of the game. One of the Expansion Pack drawbacks is the absence of playing classic N64 games on the Nintendo switch. You also can play the games online, which is something, as it was not available in the previous version. However, players have encountered similar latency and frame rate issues while attempting to race against opponents.

It could also be an issue related to the poor internet connection. Although, it is entirely known among the players that the Nintendo switch requires a perfect internet connection. And it is pretty hard to manage one unless you have your system moved up close to the router.

It looks like Nintendo Switch N64 emulation is utilizing the perfect sync net-code. It means the game will be paused until other players catch up altogether.

These complaints are on the tech side, but there are some questionable choices in the Pack extension. For instance, Mario Kart 64 needed a controller Pak to save time trial data, making it easy for players to race opposing ghosts. The Nintendo Switch version somehow thinks that the feature is included in it as well.

Players have tried out several games and encountered many issues. The most aggravating factor was bright grey borders appearing on each side of the N64 games. So, you can just upgrade to the Switch OLED, which impressively includes vibrant colors and highly dark blacks. In conclusion, we are hoping that Nintendo fixes these issues as soon as possible. However, according to its track record, each player should get ready for the next step. The Expansion Pack’s library is about to get bigger than expected.

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