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Whenever you hear about golf irons there are two main types to know: players irons and game-improvement irons. And while you’re a player and definitely want to improve your game, there are distinct differences between the two, which is why it’s crucial you pick the right set. Here are the differences to consider when deciding which type of irons to choose.

Players Irons

When you hear someone talking about blades, they’re referring to players irons.

Players irons are much thinner than other options and are typically designed with a smaller head and a narrower topline

Players irons are designed to work best for low-handicap players who can consistently hit the middle of the club's face. They offer little forgiveness but compensate for it with pinpoint accuracy and workability, which means you can hit some awe-inspiring shots from anywhere on the fairway.

A players iron delivers a soft feel and sound and helps you control the ball's trajectory so you can draw or fade your mid-range shots right where you want them. The small club face can be challenging to hit, which is why they’re used mostly by experienced golfers who have turned their shot into muscle memory and want even more control of the ball.

Game-Improvement Irons

The great thing about game-improvement irons is that for some players, they can be your go-to irons for life. Golfers from many different skill levels stick to game-improvement irons, so don’t think of these clubs as “beginner irons.”

These clubs have a large head, thick topline, and feature more offset than players irons. These elements combine to create a more forgiving club that helps you keep the ball on track and reduces the number of mishits.

Game-improvement irons are designed to do precisely what the name implies: Help improve your game. If you start your golfing career with players irons, you’ll be hitting the ball all over the course, chasing it down in the rough, and worrying about keeping it on the fairway any way you can.

With game-improvement irons, you can focus on distance and building up your swing mechanics. You can tweak things here and there because you know your irons have enough forgiveness to keep your ball on track. You might have a little bit of a hook or slice, but it won’t be nearly as bad, and you’ll learn how to adjust your shots to compensate over time.

Which Irons Are Better for You?

So, how do you choose which irons are for you?

Well, if you have just started golfing in the last few years, the answer is easy.

Game-improvement irons are the most forgiving irons and let you work on improving your shot mechanics without too much difficulty. This ensures that you build consistency with your swing and improve your handicap over time.

The trick is figuring out when to make the switch to players irons. But there’s one surefire way to know.

Head to a club-fitting location and test out some players irons for yourself. Bring your current clubs, and you can work with a fitting expert to see if you’re ready for players irons, or if a custom-fit game-improvement iron set might still be your best choice. Either way, you walk out with a set of clubs perfectly tailored to your game.

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