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Playing With Your Cat

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Did you know that playing with your feline pal is one of the best things you can do for her? Playing is a great way for cats to stay in shape. Even a few minutes of running and jumping can be beneficial for your furry friend!

Playtime also strengthens the bond between you. Your pet will know that you did something for her benefit. This gets FLuffy’s motor going and put that smug expression on her face. After playtime is over, your furball may very well hop into your lap for snuggles.

Finally, playing is also good for your cat's mind. Kitties have to focus to time those tricky pounces. This can help protect your pet from feline dementia as she grows older. Take time to hold a wand toy or laser pointer for your cat regularly. This may brighten up your day as well!

Ask your pet clinic Roanoke, VA for more tips on keeping your cat happy and healthy.


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