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If you're searching for plus size swimsuits in Australia, go no further than our assortment of supportive, attractive swimsuits in all sizes are available. Many dislike the phrase “plus size,” yet we use it since it's the most prevalent keyword women use when searching for swimwear in bigger sizes online. We use it because we don't want any of you to lose out on discovering your perfect swimwear and gaining the confidence that we feel is essential to enjoying the best summer ever. Summer is approaching, all you'll have to do would be browse our plus size swimsuits selection to start planning your beach outfit! Discover your ideal state from our plus size swimsuits and bikinis, and welcome the sun!

You'll be set for the beach with our latest plus size swimsuits collection. From one pieces to swim sets, we've got amazing styles just in time for your outdoor adventures. To update your swimwear, browse our assortment of plus size swimsuits, which includes everything from bra cup designs to shelf bra. We see you, too, whether you want a one-piece swimsuit or a bathing suit – find attractive plus size swimsuits and wetsuits to wear all summer long, whether at the beach or by the pool. Update your swimsuits with the hottest plus size swimsuits styles right here.

Each and every one of us is a beach model! Our gorgeous plus size swimsuits are also fitted to your proportions. With features like adjustable straps for bust support, tummy control supportive mesh for flattening the stomach, and a lovely selection of plus size swimsuits to match, Nova Swimwear is your one-stop shop for plus size swimwear.

Putting together your festive outfit has never been easier. Tops composed of breathable materials like cotton and viscose, as well as plus size shorts and cropped pants, are available in plus size swimsuits.

It's difficult to locate high-quality, genuine things to buy online these days. Nova swimwear assures that you not only obtain high-quality swimwear, but also that it arrives on time and at a fair price. The Nova swimwear catalogue features a diverse selection of swimwear, including plus size swimsuits, that is tailored to fit every body type and size. At Nova Swimwear, customers may save a lot of money on swimsuits. Regardless of your size, we offer a large selection of swimsuits for you to pick from. From shorts to massive, every size is offered. When it comes to quality, we never cut shortcuts. In Australia, Nova Swimsuit has the largest company that manufacture plus size swimsuit for ladies.

Our Range of Plus Size Swimsuits

  • Shelf Bra Plus size Swimsuits

Plus size swimsuits with Shelf Bra include an elasticized breast liner for support and a low-cut leg line for comfort when swimming. Because of the high quality construction, they are quite comfortable and fit nicely.  The Shelf Bra type swimmers are ideal for hydrotherapy and water aerobics in heated pools, as well as regular swimming, training, and resting by the pool.

They're dye sublimated on black with a distinctive pink, purple, and blue watermark along the sides, and they're suited for females of all ages, even plus size.  All of our plus size swimsuits are constructed of the greatest Chlorine Resistant Polyester material on the market. The swimsuits include Color Persistence Technology as well as the finest stretch and retention possible. They are made of rip-stop fabric and are quite durable. Your swimsuits will last a long time if you take care of them by washing them in cold water with a mild detergent.

  • Bra Cup Plus Size Swimsuits

Bra cup plus size swimsuits have a breast lining with soft padded cups for assistance, a front skirt, and an additional low-cut leg line for increased confidence in the water. Because of the high quality construction, they are quite comfortable and fit nicely.

One option is to invest in a bra cup plus size swimsuits that will provide full coverage and enhanced cleavage. This type of swimsuit can be a great option for women who are looking for something stylish and comfortable to wear in the water. Another option is to buy a swimsuit that has built-in straps. This type of swimsuit can help reduce the amount of stress that is typically associated with wearing a swimsuit. Additionally, it can help provide full coverage and support for larger breasts.

What are the benefits of plus size swimsuits?

There is a growing trend of plus size swimsuits, and for good reason! Not only do they provide comfort and style, but they also offer many benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Plus size swimsuits are designed to fit the body accurately and provide proper coverage. This means that they are not see-through or revealing, and they also offer support and stability.

Plus size swimsuits can help in weight loss by providing proper coverage and trapping body fat. Additionally, they can improve your confidence by creating a more flattering figure. Plus size swimsuits also reduce cellulite, help in reducing anxiety and depression, and offer improved vision. They can also improve your circulation, help in reducing stress, and offer a sense of well-being.

How Do I Select the Best Swimsuits for Plus-Size Women?

Understanding your body shape can make selecting the perfect plus size swimsuits much easier. Some plus size people have narrower waists and broader hips, while others are more apple shaped, therefore not all plus size figures are the same. Looking for a well-made plus size swimsuit with attractive features like a slenderizing belly control panel or a supportive built-in bra is a fantastic approach to locate them. If you like darker, solid colors in swimwear, these may be slimming; nevertheless, if you adore color, don't be afraid to choose a brighter swimsuit.

When shopping for colorful plus size swimwear, keep in mind that you want items that work with your body instead of against it. For example, a plus size swimsuits with a darker background color and curved, inserted ribbons of different colors down the sides to help visually produce a thinner waist is a traditional and attractive style. This style of swimwear is both athletic and classic, as well as stylish. The curving, vertical side striping can be any color combination that complements your skin tone and is pleasant to you. 

Vertical striping is another method to utilize color to your advantage. Again, the specific colors don't important as long as they are skin-flattering and make you feel beautiful. Vertical color stripes, especially those that aren't too wide, might make larger, rounder bodies look longer and slimmer. If you're a full-figured lady with a smaller waist, a two-piece plus size swimsuits may be preferable over a one-piece. Choose a two-piece plus size swimsuit with supporting rather than revealing elements, such as a supportive built-in bra and bottoms with a flattering tummy and thigh cut. A belt or sash accent on one-piece plus size swimsuits may be a terrific way to draw attention to a tiny waist.

What other uses does plus size swimsuits have besides being used as a health supplement for weight loss?
Plus size swimsuits can be used for a variety of reasons other than weight loss. For example, they can be used for comfort workouts, as a form of self-expression, or as a means of reducing stress. Plus-size swimsuits can also be a source of social support, as they can help to build relationships with other women who have similar body types. They can also be a way to connect with other women who are interested in fitness and health. Additionally, plus size swimsuits can be a great way to stay hydrated and energized during hot summer days. They also make a great cover-up for when you don’t feel like wearing a bikini.

So, there are many reasons to use plus size swimsuits other than weight loss. Whether you are looking for new fitness challenges, want to boost your confidence, or need a comfortable cover-up, plus size swimsuits can help you achieve your goals! Plus-size swimsuits can also be a form of self-expression. They can help you to feel confident in your body and to express your unique style. Plus-size swimsuits can also provide a sense of empowerment and confidence. They can help you to feel good about yourself and to feel like you are part of a community of women who support and love you for who you are.

Do I Need a Chlorine Resistant Swimsuit?

How much time do you spend in the pool on a regular basis? Our swimsuits are suitable for people of all fitness levels, but if you are a frequent swimmer, participate in water aerobics, or engage in another activity that requires you to spend hours in the pool each week, you should consider our Aqua Sport technology for your suit.

While all our swimwear is chlorine resistant, lycra-based suits may degrade in chlorine. Our plus size swimsuits are made of 100% polyester fabric and are manufactured using a specific method to ensure that your swimwear lasts longer. The fabric is practically chlorine-proof, dries rapidly, breathes well, and is designed for performance, durability, and support. While these suits are somewhat more expensive, you will not have to change them as frequently, making them a good buy for your training routine.

Is it necessary for me to use sun protection in my swimwear?

If it is summertime, and if your water activities require you to spend a lot of time outside, it's critical to protect yourself from the sun's damaging rays. Both lycra and chlorine resistant materials provide up to 50 UPF sun protection.

Consider wearing plus size swimsuits to provide additional sun protection as well as protection from the wind and chill. Rash Guards are also an excellent choice for water activities such as surfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking, as well as a more modest coverage alternative.  Longer swim capris are also available for further leg and thigh covering.

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