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What is Points Betting?

Points betting is a new way to bet on sports that has been introduced by the online sportsbook Points Bet. Points betting gives sports bettors an alternative to fixed odds and ups the excitement level because potential winnings or losses are variable until the very end of the game. Points Betting is a unique way to wager on sports that’s unique to Points Bet Sportsbook. Betting on point spreads with a -110 money line isn’t for everyone. The traditional wager can seem boring since there’s a fixed win or loss. Every point or yard in a football game could change how much is won or lost. A Points Betting wager allows a bettor to win or lose based on the outcome of the wager. The excitement of not knowing the potential amount of a win (or loss) can be exhilarating. Whether the wager is based on a point spread, total, or player prop, the wager isn’t known until the end of the game. However, every single point matters as the original bet is multiplied by the number of points in which the spread gets beat. In this case, New England beat the spread by 10 points (13 points scored – spread of 3 = 10). Therefore, a $10 points betting wager on the Patriots would have paid out $100 ($10 bet X beat spread by 10 points = $100 win). The limits allow bettors to see potential winnings or losses. Predicting sports outcomes isn’t easy or everyone would be a winner. Sometimes games have unexpected results. While a huge win is great, a huge loss can hurt a bettor beyond the wallet. The Points Betting market limits allow the bettor to see the potential loss and protect themselves by keeping a wager within budget.

Points Betting is different depending on the type of wager placed. Here’s how a point spread wager would differ depending on the final score:

If a wager wins by one 1 point, a bettor would win 1x the original wager.
If a wager wins by 2 points, a bettor would win 2x the original wager.  스포츠토토
When a wager wins by wins by 10 points, a bettor would win 10x the original wager.   
The same Points Betting multiplier rules apply if the wager loses by those points. If a bettor is on the wrong side of the wager they will lose the same amount.

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