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Once again, the Pokemon Lineup of Team Rocket Grunts has been changed. For December month, Niantic has made several changes in the game, and changing Grunt’s Pokemon lineup is one of them. It will set a new level of challenge for the players and will force them to use Pokemon. Just like always, Grunts will appear through Team Rocket Balloons and Pokestops.

Before starting the battle against Grunts, players should know their Pokemon lineup to choose the right counters. Unlike before, now Grunts will use higher CP of Pokemon with powerful moves. Players will have to face a tough opponent this time, and if not aware of their lineup, it might take multiple attempts to win.

However, after knowing Grunt’s Pokemon lineup, it will be easy for players to compete against them. So here is the Pokemon lineup of Grunts.

Coiled and Ready to Strike

Pokemon – Nidoran M/F

Pokemon – Golbat/Grimer/Muk

Pokemon – Nidorina/Nidorino

Roar…How’d That Sound?

  1. Pokemon – Dratini
  2. Pokemon – Flygon/Dragonair
  3. Pokemon – Gyarados/Dragonite/Dragonair

Normal Doesn’t Mean Weak

  1. Pokemon – Teddiursa
  2. Pokemon – Porygon2/Raticate
  3. Pokemon – Snorlax/Porygon-Z

Don’t Tangle With Us

  1. Pokemon – Hoppip/Bulbasaur
  2. Pokemon – Gloom/Weepinbell/Ivysaur
  3. Pokemon – Vileplume/Victreebel/ Shiftry

These Waters are Treacherous

  1. Pokemon – Magikarp/Psyduck/Shellder
  2. Pokemon – Golduck/Poliwhirl/Magikarp
  3. Pokemon – Politoed/Poliwrath/Gyarados/Magikarp

Do You Know How Hot Pokemon Fire Breath Can Get?

  1. Pokemon – Vulprix/Houndour
  2. Pokemon – Ninetales/Houndoom
  3. Pokemon – Houndoom/Arcanine/Charmeleon

Battle Against My Flying-Type Pokemon

  1. Pokemon – Zubat/Golbat/Skarmory
  2. Pokemon – Golbat/Crobat/Scyther
  3. Pokemon – Crobat/Gyarados/Dragonite

You’ll Be Defeated To The Ground

  1. Pokemon – Venonat/Shuckle/Weedle
  2. Pokemon – Kakuna/Venomoth/Scizor
  3. Pokemon – Scizor/Beedrill/Scyther

Let’s Rock And Roll

  1. Pokemon – Aerodactyl/Larvitar
  2. Pokemon – Larvitar/Pupitar
  3. Pokemon – Pupitar/Tyranitar

Are You Scared of Psychics That Use Unseen Powers?

  1. Pokemon – Wobbuffet/Slowpoke/Abra
  2. Pokemon – Drowzee/Hypno/Ralts
  3. Pokemon – Kadabra/Hypno/Kirlia

Buff Physique isn’t Just for Show

  1. Pokemon – Hitmonlee/Machop
  2. Pokemon – Hitmonlee
  3. Pokemon – Machoke

Ke… Ke… Ke… Ke…

  1. Pokemon – Sableye/Shuppet/Duskull
  2. Pokemon – Sableye/Dusclops/Banette
  3. Pokemon – Dusknoir/Sableye/Banette

Wherever There Is Light, There is Also Shadow

  1. Pokemon – Stunky
  2. Pokemon – Sableye/Skuntank
  3. Pokemon – Shiftry/Skuntank

You’re Gonna Be Frozen In Your Tracks

  1. Pokemon – Colyster/Snover
  2. Pokemon – Abomasnow/Snover
  3. Pokemon – Abomasnow/Lapras

Get Ready To Be Shocked

  1. Pokemon – Electabuzz/Magnemite/Mareep
  2. Pokemon – Flaaffy/Electabuzz/Magneton
  3. Pokemon – Ampharos/Electabuzz

Don’t Bother – I’ve Already Won

  1. Pokemon – Aerodactyl
  2. Pokemon – Poliwrath/Snorlax/Gardevoir
  3. Pokemon – Snorlax/Gyarados/Dragonite

Remember these Pokemon and use the right counter to win the battles. After winning six Team Rocket battles, you’ll earn Rocket Radar that will allow you to battle against Team Rocket Leaders Arlo, Cliff and Sierra.


Team Rocket battles are among the most interesting things in Pokemon Go. Winning from Grunts allows the players to catch a Shadow Pokemon that deals 20% extra damage than normal Pokemon. The main goal of Grunts is to defeat the trainer and make them try again.

Source: Pokemon Go: All Team Rocket Grunt Pokemon Lineup (December 2020)

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