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After the arrival of the new Kalos Pokemon event, the trainers of Pokemon Go are so happy. Niantic has added several sixth-generation Kanto region Pokemon in the game, and trainers are now free to catch them. The great thing about the new Kalos region Pokemon is that they appear in the wild, hatching from eggs and obtained from Timed and Field Research tasks.

After the Mega Evolution, it is the biggest update that trainers have received. At the beginning of Mega Evolution, Niantic launched a few Pokemon, and similar things happened with the new Kanto region Pokemon. Sixth generation Kalos region Pokemon are powerful, and some of them are already favorite fan Pokemon.

A total of 22 new Kanto region Pokemon have been added to the game. However, there are very few Pokemon that are frequently appearing in the wild. By hatching eggs, players can get a few new Kanto region Pokemon. While in Raid Battle, only two new Kanto region Pokemon are appearing.

December 2020 is a big month for the trainers because currently, multiple events are live, and a few will be live in the next week. Niantic has given the names of Kalos region Pokemon that are going to appear in the wild. So here is the list of new Kalos region Pokemon that players can register.

  • Chespin – Grass-Type
  • Quilladin – Grass-Type
  • Chesnaught – Grass and Fighting-Type
  • Fennekin – Fire-Type
  • Braixen – Fire-Type
  • Delphox – Fire and Psychic-Type
  • Froakie – Water-Type
  • Frogadier – Water-Type
  • Greyninja – Water and Dark-type
  • Fletchling – Normal and Flying-Type
  • Fletchinder – Fire, and Flying-Type
  • Talonflame – Fire and Flying-Type
  • Espurr – Psychic-Type
  • Meowstic – Psychic-Type
  • Bunnelby – Normal-Type
  • Diggersby – Normal and Ground-Type
  • Litleo – Fire and Normal-Type
  • Pyroar – Fire and Normal-Type
  • Klefki – Steel, and Fairy-Type
  • Noibat – Flying, and Dragon-Type
  • Noivern – Flying, and Dragon-Type

*Klefki is also a new Kanto region Pokemon, but it’s a regional Pokemon that only spawn in France.

These are the following Pokemon that are currently appearing in the wild. The Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie are the starter trio Pokemon. Out of all these Pokemon, Litleo, Chespin, Bunnelby, and Fletchling, they frequently appear in the wild. Whereas the Froakie and Noibat’s spawn rates are quite low.

There’s a chance of appearing Litleo, Bunnelby, and Fletchling from hatching 2km eggs. While the starter Pokemon Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin can be hatched from 5km eggs. The Noibat and Espurr can be obtained from 10km eggs.

Trainers can catch powerful Espurr and Litleo by playing 1-Star Raid Battle. There’s also a Timed Research Task going on. By playing Timed Research Task, players can earn additional bonus items by registering new Kanto region Pokemon.

Players who are living out of France will face trouble to find Klefki because it’s a regional Pokemon. However, if any trainer wants to register it in their Pokedex, they can try the trading method. Trading is a great way to register regional Pokemon.

All these Pokemon are powerful and could be a great choice for PvP meta. The majority of trainers are looking forward to Greyninja, which is the third evolution form of Froakie. Greyninja is a Water/Dark-Type Pokemon that has powerful moves, and its speed stat is incredible.


2020 is about to end, but the events for trainers are nowhere close to ending anytime soon. Fans are happy with the current event and new Kalos region event. But there’s a much bigger event coming next week. On December 12 and 13, Community Day is happening. Usually, the Community Day takes place on a single day, but December CDs are different. Players will see all previous Community Days Pokemon on December and 12 and 13. 

Source: Pokemon Go: All the New Kalos Region Pokemon

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