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After waiting a lot, finally, Articuno is arriving once again in Pokemon Go. This Legendary Pokemon will appear in the Legendary Raid Battles. So players have to catch it by defeating it. Articuno has appeared in Pokemon Go a lot of times, but this time it’s different. This time players will have the opportunity to battle against this Ice/Flying-type Pokemon using Mega Evolved Pokemon.

Articuno is a Legendary Pokemon from the Kanto Region of Generation 1. It is also a mascot of the “Mystic Team.” Among the three legendary Pokemon Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres, the Articuno is ruled by a trainer named “Lugia.”

Best Counters for Articuno in Pokemon Go

As mentioned above, Articuno is an Ice/Flying-type and it is weak against Electric, Fire, Steel, and Rock-type Pokemon. Rock-type attacks affect Articuno a lot, so this could be your first choice. Your Rock-type Pokemon is capable of putting extreme damage on Articuno. However, after the Mega Evolution update, players can use the Mega Charizard with its Fire-type moves. Using Mega Charizard in Articuno Raid Battles will give boosted damage.

Mega Charizard Y 

Charizard is a Gen1 Fire/Flying-type Pokemon with some incredible moves. By using Mega Energy, you can turn your Charizard into Mega form. Even if Articuno uses Rock-type attacks, it will not affect Mega Charizard Y a lot. Using Mega Charizard Y in Raid Battle will keep you in advantage, but you have to use Fire-type moves to deal extreme damage.


It’s a Rock-type Pokemon with generally no weakness against Articuno. Rampardos first appeared in the Sinnoh Region of Generation 4. In the Raid Battle, you can use it to counter Articuno’s moves. Because it’s a Rock-type Pokemon, it can deal 4x damage on Articuno. Using moves like “SmackDown” and “Rock Slide” will keep Rampardos in advantage. If you don’t have Rampardos, you can evolve it by using Cranidos candy. You can find Cranidos in the wild or get it by hatching eggs. You‘ll only require 50 Cranidos to evolve into Rampardos.


“Rhyperior” is the final form of “Rhyhorn.” The biggest advantage of Rhyperior is that it’s a Ground/Rock-type Pokemon. Rhyperior hits every Pokemon hard but using it against Pokemon like Articuno will keep you always ahead in the battle. However, to get Rhyperior, you have to use 100 Rhyhorn candies and 1 Sinnoh Stone. Rhyperior can give double damage to Articuno by using SmackDown and Rock Wrecker moves. Rock Wrecker is a Legacy move of Rhyperior, so if you don’t have it, you can use Stone Edge by changing your Ground or Water-type moves using Charge TM.


Tyranitar is a Rock/Dark-type Pokemon. This Pokemon has its own identity as a powerhouse even not being a Legendary Pokemon. When using Tyranitar in battle, you should use its Rock-type moves. Tyranitar also has no major weakness against Articuno, so it could be your perfect choice. The majority of Players carry this Pokemon because its first form “Larvitar” easily appears in the wild. When using Tyranitar in battle, make sure to use SmackDown and Stone Edge on your enemy.


Omastar first appeared in the Kanto Region of Generation 1. It’s a Rock/Water-type Pokemon and that’s why you should use it while fighting against Articuno. Omastar has been in Pokemon Go for a long time, so there’s a strong chance that almost every trainer carries in their collection. To get Omastar, you need to have 50 candies of Omanyte.  While using it in the battle, remember to use its Rock-type moves instead of Water-type moves.


Apart from all these Pokemon, there are many more Pokemon available in the game that players can use against Articuno. Even though Articuno is a Legendary Pokemon, it is weak against several types of moves. Keep a good lineup of strong Pokemon, and you’ll have Legendary Articuno in your first battle.

Source : https://setuppost.com/pokemon-go-best-counters-for-articuno/


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