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The sixth-generation Pokemon of the Kalos region has finally made their appearance in Pokemon Go. Niantic recently launched the Kalos region event in the game that increased the number of Kalos region Pokemon in the wild, eggs, and Timed Research Tasks. To make the event more interesting, Niantic increased their spawn rate.

The new Kalos region Pokemon that appeared in Wild are Froakie, Chespin, Fennekin, Noibat, Fletchling, and Klefki (Regional Pokemon). Most of the Pokemon from the list appeared more frequently, but Klefki, Noibat, and Fletching spawn rate were low in many regions. Klefki is a regional Pokemon of France, so it only spawns there. While Noibat and Fletchling are non-regional Pokemon, still their spawn rate was in some certain regions. Most of the fans are satisfied with the Kalos event, but some are still expecting to see Kalos region Pokemon to catch.

Fans that could not catch a good number of Fletchling and Noibat are now still curious to know how to catch them. Indeed, the Kalos region event is already over, so all these newly launched Pokemon will not spawn in the wild. However, there are a few more ways that players can try to catch these Pokemon, especially Fletchling.

What Type of Pokemon is Fletchling?

Fletching is a sixth-generation, Kalos region dual Normal/Flying-type Pokemon. This bird-shaped Pokemon is small in size, but its size and strength both increase after evolving. Like Pidgey, Fletchling is also Normal/Flying-type, but it becomes a dual Fire/Flying-type Pokemon after evolution.

In terms of strength, Fletchling itself is not a powerful Pokemon, but its second form Fletchinder and third form Talonflame are worth using in battles. The main reason behind catching Fletching is that players need to collect its candies, and it is possible by catching and making a buddy Pokemon.

How to Catch Fletchling in Pokemon Go?

As mentioned above, the Kalos region event is over, and the chances of appearing in the wild are now quite low. If you haven’t registered for Fletchling yet, then the most basic thing you can try to register for is trading with friends. Indeed, the first trade will cost so much Stardust, but once you register it, its trading cost will fall. Unregistered Pokemon cost a lot of Stardust. So when you trade Pokemon with friends, make sure you both have registered the trading Pokemon to save Stardust. To perform a trade, both friends need to be close to each other, within the range of 100 meters.

Trainers who have registered Fletchling but don’t have enough candies to evolve follow some different methods to catch. On the main screen of Pokemon Go, you’ll find a binocular icon. Tap on the binocular icon, and you’ll see three different sections of tasks. It includes Event Research Tasks, Field Research Tasks, and Special Tasks.

The difference between all these sections is that Event Research Tasks only stays until the last day of the particular ongoing event. While the Field Research Tasks can be obtained by spinning Pokestops, and Special Research Tasks are based on the Player’s level.

Unfortunately, no Event Research Tasks are currently available. So the only option left for players is Field Research Tasks. Players have to spin Pokestops and complete as many tasks as possible to increase their chances of encountering Fletchling. It is not guaranteed that Fletchling will appear in every encounter, but completing tasks will surely increase changes.

The final way to get Fletchling is by hatching eggs. During the event, new Kalos region Pokemon were hatching from 2km eggs, and still, it’s the same. So basically, players have to spin Pokestops to get 2km eggs and hatch them by walking. If you’re lucky, you’re Fletchling along with multiple candies and Stardust. 2Km egg is the easiest egg to hatch. So make sure to hatch as many as possible 2km eggs.

How to Evolve Fletchling

The evolution forms of Fletchling are now available in Pokemon Go. Players have to collect at least 125 candies from evolving Fletchling in its final form. If you already have enough candies, then you can spend it on your best Fletching. But if you don’t have enough candies for evolution, you can use Rare Candies or use Pinap Berries while catching Fletching. By following these methods, you can earn plenty of candies, and here’s how many you need for evolution:

  • Fletchling > Fletchinder – 25 Candies
  • Fletchinder > Talonflame – 100 Candies

After evolving Fletchinder in Talonflame, you’ll have a powerful Fire/Flying-type Pokemon that you can use in Great League Battles. Make sure to keep it CP within 1500 to use in Great League.


Some of the new Kalos region Pokemon are extremely powerful, and Talonflame is one of them. Indeed, it can’t be very helpful in Ultra League and Raid Battles, but it could be a great option for Great League Battles.

Source: Pokemon Go: How to Catch Fletchling and Evolve in Talonflame

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