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The highly admirable and with massive popularity, Pokemon Go is all set to give a whole new experience to the players. Recently, Niantic made a new big announcement about their new major event, the Season of Celebration. The following season is applied along with the Go Beyond update in which players have received new levels. The new level cap of 50 is what players have received in the Go Beyond update. It includes several new challenges and rewards that players can obtain after hitting the level.

In the Season of Celebration, the main focus of Niantic will be on the Kanto region Pokemon. They have already confirmed which Kanto Pokemon region Pokemon will appear in the first phase. The Kanto region that will appear in the event is Pyroar, Chespin, Froakie, and many more.

Apart from Pokemon, there are many more things available in the Season of Celebration event. Players will see new Mega Raid Bosses, new Pokemon while hatching eggs, Double Community Day, and Spotlight Hour. The most interesting thing for the players is two Community Days that will happen on December 12 and 13. During Community Day, the special CD Pokemon will get Legacy Move for evolving.

This year, Niantic launched several interesting events for their fans, but the Season of Celebration will take the rewards and spawn rate of Pokemon to the next level. Fans will see many new and rare Pokemon in the wild. There will also be some seasonal Pokemon that will appear as per their hemisphere. So here is the list of Pokemon that will appear more frequently in their hemisphere.

Northern Hemisphere

Trainers who live on the northern side will mostly encounter ice type Pokemon because of the winter season. There’s a huge chance that players might encounter Pokemon like Snover, Delibird, Cubchoo, and a few more. Niantic also confirmed that these types of Pokemon would spawn more frequently during the Season of Celebration. However, there a few more Pokemon that will appear in the wild frequently:

Alolan Sandshrew

Alolan Vulprix




Deerling (Winter version)

Southern Hemisphere

Trainers that live on the southern side will see Pokemon that are linked with the summer season. Pokemon in this hemisphere will also appear more frequently in the wild during the event. Pokemon that will appear in the southern hemisphere are:






Deerling (Summer version)

So these are the following Pokemon that will appear in the game. However, these are not the only Pokemon that will appear during the Season of Celebration. To make the event greater, Niantic has made several changes like updating the Pokemon in eggs hatching. From now onwards, players will see Ducklett and Baltoy in 5km eggs, Wingull will appear in 2km eggs.

Niantic has made these changes already, but the beginning of events varies in every country due to their time zone. About December month, trainers are excited about two things, the first one is the new Kanto region Pokemon, and the second is Double Community Day.

The special thing about December Community Day is that players will see those Pokemon that have already appeared in Previous CDs. The entire 2019 and 2020 Community Day Pokemon will appear on December 12 and 13 Community Day.


The Season of Celebration is among the biggest events in Pokemon Go. In this event, players can register several new Pokemon in their Pokedex. For registering every new Pokemon, players will get bonus XP and stardust. Niantic recently increased the amount of bonus XP and stardust to support players.

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